Cosmetics sales channel classification

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Do a line understand a line, so you do cosmetics, must want to clear the cosmetics industry, clear product sales channels, so you would get benefit, cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer XJ Beauty for you today on cosmetics 9 major sales channels and definition. 1, the outlet channel outlet channel 2010 cosmetics sales accounted for about six. 2%. Stores specializing in cosmetics sales, product positioning relative products, the characteristics of high customer loyalty. The outlet for many emerging or niche brand to enter the market channel. 2, drugstore shop channel medicine makeup shop as a cosmetics marketing channels in China is still in its infancy stage, sales accounted for about 7, 2010. 2%, mainly involving some medicine makeup products. Easy access to the brand recognition and customer loyalty, a good impression to consumers. 3, market channels department store is another major cosmetics sales channels, sales accounted for about 28, 2010. 1%. The current large present a tendency of increase in the number of high-end department stores, small and medium-sized department stores number gradually decline; The density of department stores in major cities is very large, in the number of second and third tier cities also gradually increasing. 4, beauty salon channels the beauty industry in recent years with the cosmetics industry has come to the glorious age of people living standard rise, the pursuit of beauty has been a tendency to mechanization. 5, electricity wechat business channels cosmetics online sales accounted for about 3, 2010. 1%. Network shopping as a new shopping channel in recent years, growing more rapidly. Statistics show that in 2011 the domestic online shopping market size is 766. 6 billion yuan, from 2010, growth in 66. 3%, rapid growth in size. Cosmetics for one of the important products of network marketing, with the vigorous development of the further popularization of the Internet and network shopping, cosmetics online sales channels for the future development potential is tremendous.
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