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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
raw material records - < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:20 < / p> < p> cosmetics raw material records within a material management is transparent < / p> < p> the cosmetics raw material records during the year, at the appointed time, consumer can query the composition and the effect to the product information on the Internet. < / P> < P> a few days ago, the reporter learns from the national cosmetic quality management committee, a called 'cosmetics raw material records' regulation, will be introduced this year. Then, consumers can understands from related sites, publications which qualified raw material manufacturers products, and what may be a safety hazard. According to introducing, in all, after reported to the products, will have a special barcode, consumers can be easily queried. All products will be listed in the related website. < / P> < P> records has not issued, Shanghai takes the lead in implementing this month BaoBeiZhi cosmetics safety degree, some well-known brands, such as wella, long silk for the record. Consumer can query in related websites to which the product is qualified through inspection, to be safe. The first 50 multiple brand enterprises apply for registration, the audit work is still ongoing. < / P> < P> reporter login on cosmetics sales 'market access' Shanghai site, just enter brand, product name or product information, such as production permits immediately examine the information of the products for the record, including three certificates, inspection reports and efficacy evaluation report, etc. , to see if the product is legal, safe products. We have learned, if is in the beauty parlor or store to buy cosmetics, consumers can legally in online to see whether its supply channels. < / P> < P> in 2007 of the new 'cosmetics manufacturer health standard' can be seen that relevant departments set stricter standards for raw materials, the disabled and the limit of use increase more than 800 kinds of materials, the raw material name is mostly adopted in line with international standards of INCI name. A senior industry source said: 'the related administrative departments use made strict requirements on raw materials, and develop industry standards. But, after all, is standard for the entire industry is concerned, it can only provide you with a 'c'. 'Standard, to some extent by enterprises' self-discipline '. < / P>
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