Cosmetics raw material price has risen again? So what is the relationship between brands?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04

hear that cosmetics raw material price is going up again!

this is perhaps the two years cosmetics manufacturer generation often hear voice processing industry. Basf, dow chemical, wacker international raw material are foreign issued price increases, raw material industry 'rose' is already a fact of life. But it was not long before, as the price of crude oil, raw material prices fall again, but as a whole, the price is more or less are gains.

this down, brought to the brand is not much, but in the field of foundry opened a grime, processing more cosmetics manufacturer, now artificial cost is cheap, but the costs of raw material prices on costs will increase.

XJ Beauty as a generation of processing enterprises of cosmetics manufacturer, with a strong ability to resist risks, plus itself and raw materials business maintained good relations of cooperation, in spite of the raw materials rise in price is a little bit more or less affect, but not moved at all.

however, rises in price to small and medium sized foundry enterprises, it is a little the meaning of 'bone', combined with functional organization scrutiny on environmental protection, some at a low price as the core competitiveness of foundry enterprise survival environment is more serious, in the case of profit space further compressed, living, has become a difficult problem, so looking for cosmetics and processing, or looking for a big factory, more to the guarantee of quality, raw material, after all, different difference of more than eighteen thousand miles away.

XJ Beauty has helped many people, don't understand the technology, not marketing, not inspection, can't find the packaging material, no channel resources? No problem, a beauty foundries to help you solve. Even in the face of the rise in raw material, but the market competition is big, so the generation of labor enterprise just completes the technology is not enough, the service also have to upgrade.

actually has very little to do with brands rising raw materials, because the customer find a foundry enterprise is one-on-one, and foundry enterprises may need to design with customers, suppliers, packaging materials, such as a one-to-many docking, so so many projects, let XJ Beauty for you!

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