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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
The quality of the cosmetics decisive process < p> 2017 - good or bad 12 - 18 10:51:41 < / p> cosmetics manufacturer quality mainly depends on its strict or not in the production process, processing enterprises in the production process of cosmetics of cosmetics have their own unique skills, such as the warm water circulation refluxing method: < p style = 'margin: 0 px; 填充:0 px; color: rgb( 85, 85, 85) ; 是— Family: Microsoft black, arial; 是— 大小:13 px; '> emulsion cooling to 70 ~ 80 ℃, liquid surface air bubble largely disappeared, 60 ℃ warm water jacketed zhongtong people make emulsion cooling, with the original delivery cycle return water temperature, to control the flow of water in 1 - 1. 5 h by gradually fell to 40 ℃, 60 ℃ the corresponding can control the temperature of the cold cream stop stirring in 55 - 57 ℃, if the control of the mixing time of 2 h & plusmn; 20 min, important is to control the temperature of backflow of warm water. Especially the cooling process after cold cream and cream, should maintain the reflux water temperature is lower than the temperature of the cold cream - 10 15 ℃, can be controlled within 2 h make cold cream need to stop stirring temperature. If it is 1000 kg inventory flow with warm water and cold cream temperature can be controlled in 12 ~ 25 ℃. < / p> < p风格= '保证金:0 px; 填充:0 px; color: rgb( 85, 85, 85) ; 是— Family: Microsoft black, arial; 是— 大小:13 px; '> if the temperature difference is too big, the sudden cooling, it is bound to make the cold cream. Temperature difference is too small, it is bound to extend the stirring time, so the compulsory warm water reflux, temperature at each stage must be very good control, generally available time relay and two contact thermometer automatic control water valve, each root contact thermometer control 60 ℃ and 40 ℃ warm water, or use the electronic process control devices. This contact mercury bulb thermometer immersed in warm water barrels, began to stir in half an hour, the pump will be forced to 60 ℃ warm water mixing barrel jacket back, after 30 min, 6012 contact thermometer is controlled by time relay, automatic cut-off, 40 ℃ and jump to contact thermometer and contact thermometer with normally open relay connected with the line, when the temperature of the heat conduction of cold cream that warm water rises, closes the relay contact thermometer, electromagnetic valve automatically open water valve, water temperature dropped to 40 ℃, the contact thermometer breaker, relay normally open, electromagnetic valve automatically shut off water valve, keep warm in 40 ℃. < / p>
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