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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
production: < p> how to choose and anti-wrinkle products cosmetics production 2018 - 11 - 19 17:27:52 < / p> each girls all want to youth, but with the increase of age, the condition and environment influence, the wrinkle will appear in facial ministry, at this time will be more old. Wenzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory engineer, points out that the loss of collagen can accelerate skin aging, wrinkles appear is a sign of aging. So many wrinkles products on the market, the wrinkle effect is good which brand of product? How to choose and anti-wrinkle products? production small make up some advice is given. 1, product composition, product composition is can directly reflect the product effect, fight decline and anti-wrinkle composition containing high natural effect will be better products, such as palmitoyl 5 peptide, peptide - acetyl six 8, vitamin E, etc. 2, see the production factory, a powerful cosmetics manufacturer production product quality assurance, products from raw materials, emulsifying, filling, there will be strict inspection standards, product testing is not shipped to the customer. Such as cosmetics factory is a strong factory production, product quality is guaranteed. From the point of two conditions, small make up recommend peptide beauty essence, activate collagen, at the same time, replenish collagen, make the skin plump, full of elasticity, firming, smooth wrinkles, significantly improve the skin color, nutrition skin, control aging significantly. Peptide beauty essence contains six peptide - acetyl groups The composition such as alga of 8, hydrolyzed collagen, tiny naked, six peptide - acetyl groups 8 fight decline, the ingredients can complement the small molecules collagen in skin, according to the cosmetics factory engineer, this composition in a short period of time can see wrinkles effect; Hydrolyzed collagen can increase the skin absorption ability, restore skin elasticity, smooth skin, l 'oreal has a and anti-wrinkle product contains the ingredients; Has anti inflammatory and tiny alga of naked, can improve the immune function, protect skin, such as antioxidant and activating effect, can improve the resistance to failure of the product. Adopts the technology of the peptide for peptide beautiful skin, activate skin collagen, at the same time to speed up the metabolism of skin, replenish collagen, make the anti-wrinkle fight decline can be combined with a full face shape, restore the skin smooth, outline the three-dimensional delicate, present a full face younger effect.
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