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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-22
Cosmetics processing, you have to know those things! For the first time to do cosmetic processing, you must first understand how to entrust the manufacturer to do the correct order of cosmetic processing and cosmetic processing. How do ordinary manufacturers do they do it? Next, let Xiaobian introduce it with the personal experience of xj beauty customers. Xj beauty cosmetics processing. Business Negotiation for customers who want to do cosmetic processing business, they will never choose a company or factory to produce directly, just like we buy things, we need to compare goods with three, find the one we think is cost-effective before buying. When we find some cosmetics processing factories, we must first understand the business scope of the enterprise, conduct field visits, determine the manufacturers through comparison, and communicate and exchange various matters. For cosmetics processing manufacturers must choose a formal professional qualified manufacturers, the products produced can be guaranteed. Guangzhou xj beauty is such an enterprise that only when there is comparison can it stand out. For those who go to the factory for on-the-spot investigation, xj beauty will provide free shuttle bus and free samples. Of course, the service is nothing to say. Two. Brand and Product Positioning After All matters have been negotiated, the manufacturer will assist the customer in brand planning and product positioning according to the customer's sales channels and target consumer groups, what kind of consumer group the product faces, which point of the product this group pays more attention to, and so on. Three. Companies and trademarks must have relevant qualifications for selling cosmetics in the country. If it is a customer without a registered company and trademark, the manufacturer will assist the customer in registering the company and registered trademark. If it is a customer who already has a registered company, the manufacturer will also assist the customer to register the trademark. Is it a very considerate service? Four. If the formula proofing is a customer who already has a formula, the formula or sample can be directly handed over to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will send the formula for inspection, then the manufacturer will adjust, upgrade or copy the version and other follow-up work items according to the requirements. If it is a customer without formula or sample, the manufacturer will provide relevant samples according to the customer's needs. For the samples provided by the manufacturer, it is necessary to understand the composition and content of the samples, if it is uncertain whether the content of the ingredients in the sample meets the national standards, relevant certificates such as formula or inspection report can be required. If you are not satisfied with the formula or the samples provided, you can ask the manufacturer to change or adjust. Xj beauty has more than 9000 formulas, a research and development team with 20 years of Formula research and development and plant extraction experience, and a variety of choices to avoid single. For the samples provided by the manufacturer, it is necessary to understand the efficacy of the product, directly contact with the skin, safety is paramount, xj beauty is a manufacturer that focuses on natural plant extraction and processing, this has increased the trust and attention of customers. Xj beauty processing factory 5. After the sample confirms the test or pro-test of the sample, select a satisfactory product, and the manufacturer will inspect the sample to ensure that the sample meets the national production standards and provide relevant certificates. Six. Packaging Design confirms the purchase of raw materials and determines a good product. Of course, it is necessary to wear a suitable dress for the product. Packaging is also a very important link, manufacturers will assist customers in planning and designing the packaging of products, and must pay attention to the practicality of packaging, starting with the focus on appearance, capacity and quality. For different product characteristics, different packaging can be required to highlight the selling points and characteristics of different products. If you feel that the packaging sample needs to be adjusted after it is produced, you can ask the manufacturer to adjust and modify it according to the requirements until the packaging sample is determined. Xj beauty manufacturer has a very professional packaging design team and has successfully designed outer packaging for more than 300 cooperative brands. Good packaging design plays a vital role in the promotion and sales of products and the image of products. Product packaging design and raw material procurement can generally be divided into four ways, one is that customers design their own packaging and purchase raw materials, and the other is that customers design their own packaging and purchase raw materials by manufacturers, one is that manufacturers design packaging customers to purchase raw materials themselves, and the other is that manufacturers design packaging and manufacturers purchase raw materials. It is generally not recommended for customers to purchase on their own. First, customers do not know the price in the industry and may be trapped. Second, customers do not know how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of raw materials, laying hidden dangers for subsequent cosmetics production. Manufacturers who assist in purchasing raw materials can save a lot of trouble. xj beauty has its own high-quality raw material suppliers with long-term cooperation and stability, avoiding market price fluctuations and shoddy, the customer does not know which purchase to choose. From the selection of products and packaging to the selection of raw materials, they are all very professional. VII. Products submitted for inspection and filing xj beauty manufacturers will produce and send samples of products confirmed for inspection, and will not produce in large quantities until the products have passed the inspection and filing to ensure safety. Eight. Filling and packaging manufacturers will carry out packaging material screening, packaging material cleaning and disinfection, filling, packaging, packing, shipping and provide various process indicators record data. The full inspection rate was 100%. Nine. After the arrival of the package, the manufacturer will provide customers with services such as product storage and product transportation to solve their worries. After the product is out of the warehouse, the manufacturer will conduct long-term follow-up guidance on the product and customer sales to solve the sales terminal problem for the customer. In order to ensure product safety and no hidden dangers, although the steps are somewhat cumbersome, don't worry, xj beauty cosmetics processing factory is a one-stop full service, which saves you a series of troubles and saves you trouble and effort!
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