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by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-21
Cosmetics processing: What is the new standard for the mask OEM industry? The cosmetics processing industry has launched 5 new standards for the cosmetics industry. Among them, the mask OEM processing will implement the new standard QB/T 2872- 2017, old standard QB/T 2872-2007 will load history is no longer used. The new industry standard will be 2017. 10. 1 Formal implementation. The cosmetics processing industry and the cosmetics market are changing very rapidly. For example, facial mask OEM will have different product types, different material composition and new facial mask products. Therefore, the old standards in the past can no longer meet the needs of the existing market norms. Therefore, the emergence of new regulations and standards is necessary. Cosmetic processing: After the revision of the new standard for facial mask OEM, the changes mainly include the following aspects: 1. Modified the English name of the mask 2. Modified the scope of application 3. Added GB/T 22731 normative reference document 4. Modified the cosmetic hygiene specification 5. Added the mask terminology and note 6 of the definition, modification of the term and definition of the gel forming mask, addition of the category, term and definition of the paste mask, addition of the requirements for packaging materials and carriers, increased the requirements for the use of talcum powder raw materials 10, increased the requirements for the use of flavors 11, increased the requirements for heat resistance and cold resistance of the mask 12, modified the cold-resistant temperature index 13, increased the method of labeling the net content of the film, among them, the mask OEM processing has changed a lot, and some new terms and new specifications have been added and adjusted. At the same time, packaging materials and carriers are used for cosmetic processing and mask OEM, as well as raw material ingredients: talcum powder, flavors, etc. have made new adjustments. The emergence of new standards has more effectively standardized the market environment for cosmetics processing and facial mask OEM, and has also more effectively protected the rights and interests of consumers. The emergence of new standards has also prompted changes in cosmetics processing packaging materials, mask OEM materials, such as clearing inventory, changing production and so on.
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