Cosmetics processing: this apply face film, a top ten piece!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
So apply face film, a top ten piece! Many girls don't know exactly how to apply the water membrane, actually very simple, just say hello toward the face make up water or a cotton pad soaked face membrane is ok ~ if apply cream mask cannot absorb sister every day, every day can apply toner film, skin can be very good absorption, and can quickly help the skin filling water, use for a long time to even found under the skin has tight full feeling, even have contractive pore effect ( Of course, this is the amount of accumulation to a qualitative change) What are the advantages of application of water membrane convenient water film, just as its name implies is to oneself make up water apply face, ready to be picked up and apply, also need not tear open the mask bag, direct apply is over into the next phase of nursing, also need not face cream mask on the face to absorb the essence of a lot of residues, can apply every day, even can apply at any time and place to absorb quickly because the water penetration is very strong, and our products in use at ordinary times, more so than essence mask the advantage of penetration is quick and easy to absorb, little willow is advised to choose a more refreshing toner to apply the water film is the best, there are also some sticky class actually apply the skin also is not particularly easy to absorb water drops to appease calm before this function is in sunburn, Mimi teacher has mentioned, little willow because before go out by the sun, back Mimi teacher help me use avene water apply, and then use the aloe vera gel temporarily down. So often sensitive skin or a sunburn is a sister who can apply the water film in a short period of time the skin of a state of control, avoid a more serious condition. Because water is cold, and have the function of the convergence calm calm, let skin calm down for a while, slowly and presents a normal metabolic state. Water oil re-infection sister small willow is suggested for the outermost layer of skin often apply the water film drops, the water filling water full face can apply, if you are accusing oil water local can apply containment, like the sister of mixed skin can use make up cotton apply separately first generally small make up their own how to apply the best water before essence backing to help better absorption of moisture, actually apply water film like we usually clean water for many times repeatedly, with a large number of moisture to the skin in a short time, in a short period of time for cells to absorb enough water, showing the full effect, so the water before essence is very important to render pictures in front of the high-energy ~ in order to have a one way is to complete the face, apply, just like a mummy ~ so apply effect is very good, and the skin high acceptance the only drawback is that the super wave ~ ~ cost! Do you have any! Anyway I am heartache unless super dry skin, otherwise I will choose another before apply the method in the circle of friends I have sent to apply this morning is personal forehead, cheeks, chin is moist and dry place to apply make up cotton apply water film really can match surplus multiple small willow tried to extract collocation, also tried to add beauty to oil emulsion but unless the super dry skin normal after all, it is ok to use lotion to apply in addition to be absorbed by the skin will loss a lot to do, not wave ~ to ~ ~ ~ ( Strong miser namely regards sense) Today skin care knowledge first to the last I wish you all the Alcoa is more and more young in beautiful smile often
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