Cosmetics processing: the future of domestic cosmetics enterprises

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Believe that everyone knows that China's transition process from OEM production and processing enterprises ( Original equipment cosmetics manufacturer) To ODM ( Original design manufacturer) To OBM ( Own brand manufacturing) 。 But there are a lot of enterprises and can't master OBM complex management way, also lack the ability of brand marketing, failed to transform successfully, so the ability of these enterprises can only back to propaganda the ODM. Problems from the 90 s, the global market and economic environment have been fundamentally changed, but the enterprise propaganda way or stay in the 90 s, not because of the change of the market and have the too big change. These propaganda ODM enterprises continue to rely on back of propaganda, exhibition and promotion of production capacity and size. All propaganda just emphasize 'quantity' and 'price'. Your customers have no choice, can only be your conversation will be limited to 'quantity' and 'price'. Some cosmetics manufacturer processing enterprises began to ask myself 'why enterprises or will itself as ODM? 'Feel Chinese companies with OEM, ODM, OBM these three options! I gradually found that the promotion of China's manufacturing industry thinking, seems to be unconsciously is the abbreviation of the three groups of letters to the kidnapped. We offer an idea to try to reverse the situation. China's manufacturing industry is highly competitive. In my every customer cooperation, has a surprising 'latent value' ( 潜在的价值) 。 As it literally, it always exists in the enterprise. But these companies do not know how to clear the promotion of their own 'latent value'. And the global market for manufacturing services in China is not just for our design and manufacturing already see us they are hard to match with other regional manufacturers. Guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. Is a collection of cosmetics raw materials, formulation research and development, production in one of professional cosmetics processing, cosmetics OEM, ODM cosmetics manufacturer processing company, processing environment, equipment, instruments, detection means and personnel quality accord with the requirement of high quality cosmetics, our sincere service, and customer support each other mutual progress, a high starting point of the product for the customer successfully cut into the market, expand the market, consolidate the market, provides the powerful guarantee. For the global market, Chinese manufacturers is not just a 'design capabilities of the manufacturers', and more like 'manufacturing ability of consulting firm. Although the buying and selling or final product, but Chinese manufacturers to provide product research and development ability, to the integration of industry experience, professional manner of business cooperation, service customization, as well as production flexibility. These values, is our concern for the global market place. So when I am in providing consulting services, I refuse to the enterprise model may be defined as ODM, because for their customers, they provide knowledge know - more like How and consultant company. If stubbornly with three word abbreviation, is also the OKM ( 原始知识制造商) , or OCM ( 原始咨询制造商) , but Chinese companies really shouldn't limit their positioning in several English abbreviations. Global population aging has become an inevitable trend, to 2050, the world will have 2 billion people aged over 60 years, cosmetics is one of the most close to the market demand for products, which will gain a foothold.
XJ BEAUTY US CORPORATE OFFICES devises a regular, independent, transparent and objective assessment mechanism to evaluate country performance.
should only be created by the very best cosmetic design companies with the training, experience and know how about what is expected of them.
XJ BEAUTY US CORPORATE OFFICES deems cosmetic design as evolutionary rather than revolutionary. We've always had these 'social commerce' marketplaces in some form.
XJ BEAUTY US CORPORATE OFFICES can reassign work or shuffle around assigned tasks if one team member is overwhelmed while others are not, more effectively managing resources on the fly. With detailed overviews and reports, manufacturers also can more easily stay abreast of new developments.
is something that has been around for a few decades now, enjoying it's heyday back in the eyeshadow manufacturer.
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