Cosmetics processing science a tip: machinery shop name and makeup shop name what's the difference

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05

filed machinery size, there are a lot of people don't know both size and makeup of what size is different.

makeup font size, is class cosmetics, except for some drugstore have microscopic medicinal effect, almost no other ordinary cosmetics medicinal effect.

machinery size, is the class of medical equipment, in addition to medicinal effect, can reach the effect of treatment and repair is very obvious. Its clinical efficacy can be write directly on the product function is introduced, and are professionally institutions detection and state food and drug administration for the record, high safety.

XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory give you a science of processing machinery shop name cosmetics.

common machinery shop name cosmetics manufacturer on the market basically has: machinery size mask, machinery type gel, machinery type ointment and so on. Machinery shop name cosmetics in addition to the beauty salon, supermarket, store, etc these channel sales, can also be sold in pharmacies, hospitals. Its security given without words.

why do you want to apply for machinery size production license and products for the record?

apply for registration machinery size production license is machinery size product, sales, before the crucial first step, there is no application for registration is equivalent to review and approval by the food and drug administration, laws and regulations on is also prohibited such cosmetics manufacturer production and sales of machinery size series of products. By administration to check the illegal production and sales, will confiscate all products and a fine, serious punishment. Dear friends want to do machinery shop name cosmetics processing, be sure to polish eyes, pay attention to the cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer conform to the standard.

the application condition of processing machinery shop name cosmetics have?

machinery shop name cosmetics production licensing cosmetics manufacturers, in addition to possess the basic qualifications, such as business license, production license must be able to have a research and development production machinery shop name cosmetics production sites, environmental conditions, production equipment and professional technical team, a medical device quality management system, will need to be in strict accordance with the national medical instrument standard production, don't add any hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals and other additives that cause skin reactions. Factory production workshop to be in level and above, there must be a special purification, pass attestation of system of medical apparatus and instruments dedicated, apply for registration machinery type approval, and also by drug administration medical device manufacturing for the record. Apply for the qualification is very difficult, according to the food and drug administration, after 2019, about machinery size production qualification to apply for, it is difficult to pass.

machinery size production record after can do?

after passed the font-size machinery production for the record, only qualified production machinery shop name products, including: medical ice stick, medical cold eye patch, machinery type cosmetics ( Common in the mask) Cold, cold gel, liquid dressings, wound care ointment and so on.

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