Cosmetics processing: introduction to the cosmetics industry competition way of subdivision category

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
Back ten years, the mask in this category is only a cosmetic product nondescript small sheet is tasted, the lack of competitiveness for market. Nowadays, the mask has become mainstream in the cosmetics store category of occupies a considerable market share, industry forecasts, even face film market scale of up to two hundred billion yuan in the future. Mask as markets become saturated and competition increasingly white-hot, people seem to be started in the hope of looking for the next category could become mainstream, hope the new popular category can drive the brand or store performance. So, cosmetics manufacturer industry began to constantly create new category to achieve this goal. But how in the moment of the cosmetics market sketch class to have the opportunity to break through? Got to do is likely to become the mainstream of the future? And will there be a 'mask'? XJ Beauty cosmetics factory found that more than half of the users when choosing cosmetics, the primary factor is the work product. So whether the choose and buy of brand product positioning and consumer demand, are starting to become more and more focused. In the region of the skin care products, general water, milk and cream products market is gradually saturated, the demands of consumers are no longer only the most basic hydrating. So more and more on the effect of niche products began to appear, such as eye, hand and body care, as well as acne, wrinkles, black and so on the many kinds of efficacy of the product market all segments. The accuracy of positioning, determine the future of the market capacity and brand. In addition, the market has emerged a lot of focus on a particular area or a particular category of cosmetics brand. So it can be seen from the niche cut into the market, can yet be regarded as an effective way of differentiation competition. What sell on the market, we won't do. Blindly following will only make the enterprise into a vicious circle, create unique personalized products is the true value. In fact, with the exception of acne and blackhead, there are more niche is remarkable, but whether what area or effect, both must have been around the consumer demand. Due to consumer demand further subdivided, their products and services more picky, cosmetics manufacturer brand's market share will be showed a trend of fragmentation development, professional market segment will be the next industry field. 'Dedicated and professional, it is the sketch class compared with the traditional skin care brands, have a remarkable feature. We noted with the head and shoulders to fight is thought of, say to pill beauty will leave the eye cream products, is a reason. At the end of the day, cosmetics, facial mask is in recent years high speed development and form a brand, more fundamental reason is that the consumer crowd, consumer habits change. 'Cosmetic industry core growth as well as the developing trend of core, should be developed before consumers to ignore some of the fields and products, thus influence consumer habits, can have more development space. Now cosmetics shop skin care product homogeneity serious, the basis of sales tends to saturation is tangible, and the emergence of short plays, just out of the circle. So, whether it's acne, blackhead effect, or products, essential oils, is applied to traditional cosmetic does not conflict. So short plays bring cosmetics store sales, is essentially based on the original sales growth directly. The sketch class for terminal stores, its advantages of natural self-evident. However, sketch class cosmetics barcode, pertinence, less sales and give priority to with its main products, so, seems to be critical product management thinking is a little similar, but is it true? There is a little more, XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM feel short plays and explosive goods by hype, compared to a hot by quality and win the trust of consumers. Most of the products are very high for a sales, but rarely return single. So, and the detonation product always depend on the 'hype' or 'concept', compared to sketch class tend to have more brand, their products would not have been so single. And with the growing of young consumer groups, the population of new new consumption concept and way of life, but also brought a lot of past no demand or neglected. Sketch class, therefore, there are a lot of space, can be found more new exotic products form may also be more and more.
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