Cosmetics processing industry prospects in the future

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
OEM generation of processing mainly refers to some cosmetics manufacturer enterprises processing or the research and development, the products are cosmetics enterprise in the field of the industry in order to better to stop a mode of operation. Then processing cosmetics industry outlook: the development of cosmetic industry in China has a long history. Roughly divided into four stages: early stage, slow development stage, rapid development stage and development stage. Early stage: China is one of the first countries to use cosmetic in the world. Thrush, point in China's ancient books record of the lip. Slow development stage: modern, cosmetics production in China has been in a small family factory state. In the early 20th century, cosmetics production gradually towards the industrialization of our country. But because of people's living level is not high, and imprisoned by the traditional concept of development is very slow. Rapid development stage: in the 1980 s, along with the rapid development of national economy, people's living standards continue to improve, the cosmetics industry have sprung up to flourish, the cosmetics industry system also extend from light industry system to other systems, cosmetics in the concept of people went through a process of luxury to the necessities. Specification development stage: after experienced a rapid development stage, China's cosmetics market presents the situation of flowers, in order to better meet the needs of the consumers, formulated the relevant national laws and regulations, make cosmetics industry on the path of standardization development. As consumers more mature, they in product use, composition and the preference on the brand positioning is also more segmentation. Whitening, spot, anti-aging, moisturizing, sun protection, hydrating these concepts will be more and more get of consumer identity. Eyes, lips, cheeks and neck segment products closer to customers specific requirements. In recent years, the popular new pure natural products, organic products, is a development of cosmetics market future hot spots, and various cosmetics enterprises strengthen the research and development of key areas. safety is now almost become the primary factor of all female consumers to purchase cosmetics, organic, natural, no add is the necessary condition to ensure product safety. With the development of the block chain technology, and promote the perfection of the cosmetic product traceability system, some brands just cheat consumers in concept called organic without adding hype, there can be no exercise. And truly committed to security to protect skin brand enterprise will win the trust and respected customers.
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