Cosmetics processing: fast white tip

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-29
cosmetics processing light muscle essence fu peptide pure milk is whitening the skin met bottleneck when a panacea, it contains whitening active ingredients are common whitening essence is 12 times, so it is quick, the effect of the whitening pale spot can in the shortest time let you Bai Qilai quickly, but also better than ordinary essence whitening time for a long time. For whitening, choose contain niacinamide, vc and liquorice beautiful white product is a good method. Cosmetics processing engineer said, sensitive muscle friend for use caution, niacinamide ingredients for recurrence of nicotinamide component is easy to make allergic skin. Can eat VC whitening, but must insist for a long time to take adequate, short-term is can't see what effect. Cosmetics processing light muscle essence fu peptide of pure milk contains ai benzene, water, yeast extract, soybean amino acids, wine fermentation extract, licorice. The ai to benzene and licorice has whitening effect, and its capital especially light liquorice, recognized & other; White gold & throughout; , can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, but also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect. Here some say for certain, other products also contains the whitening ingredients, this bright muscle essence fu peptide pure milk whitening ampoules what place? Bright muscle essence fu peptide essence milk whitening ampoules is by Dr Ampoules are five experts after years of research, and the union of the joint institute of botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, south China r&d LABS and guangdong institute of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) joint research and development laboratory, joint research and development, pure plant extract essence, the active ingredient, with 0 allergy and high permeability properties, after using the skin absorb quickly, so it is of rapid whitening effect. Whitening is women's lifelong career, and in cosmetics, in addition to filling water, whitening skin care the second choice is women. Want to whiten, cosmetics processing recommend you use bright muscle is pithy peptide of pure milk, its main effect is whitening, pale spot, fade uneven tone; Deeply nourish skin, make skin bright and transparent.
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