Cosmetics processing factory: what is the concentrate? How to use?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
Mention 'concentrate', the public impression of it is a component of concentrated liquid, maintain the concentration is higher! Many girls say concentrate is used for maintenance after 25 years old, 'concentrate' is by the reason of the universal female love probably associated with 100% purity impression, however, how is the concentrate? How to use to ensure its nutrient is absorbed better? Concentrate what is so-called concentrate, is higher than the concentration of the essence, more pure. So they are referred to the essence of the essence, and because of strong ones, high purity, activity, save less, half take medicine type small bottle sealed packaging. Literally analysis, referring to was added in normal cosmetics manufacturer, skin care effect of some compounds, separate out and now become a kind of high purity used item. Significantly enhance the purity of, nature also means that the effect of corresponding ascension. Its effect is very similar to essence, but essence belongs to the composite component and after brand of technology research and development, suitable for different type of skin needs, and 'yuanye' composition is very single. Concentrate can be condensed essence, maintenance components concentration is higher, in terms of the same composition, concentrate better than essence, more concentrated, powerful maintenance to skin, let skin in a short time to recover his best! In addition, the concentrate can be rapidly skin, improve skin problems. Concentrate is absolutely perfect for single skin problems, concentrate is the best choice! Single component concentrate, the concentration is higher, can meet the needs of the skin of a single problem, for dry and dull skin, fine lines, aging, melanin, blain to imprint, more sensitive all sorts of problems, such as oil, can according to their demand to choose suitable maintenance concentrate of skin, give skin more directly, productive maintenance, let the skin in a short period of time to the best state. 'Yuanye' over the past half as key components of maintain article, due to maintain article need to add the supplementary material production and the matrix, effective component is greatly diluted, yuanye efficacy significantly reduce self-evident. With 'concentrate' on the skin directly, therefore, high intensity of care and maintenance, beauty expert is more and more widely recommended such as hyaluronic acid concentrate. Concentrate right using method using order is: cleansing - - - - - - - Toner - - - - - - - Concentrate ( Full face) 。 First washing a face, out of toner, take advantage of this face didn't dry, dripping to the hand in escaping, then his fingers touched the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin 5 place to check it, before the face toner, press away, don't worry about it to absorb enough oh, this is the esterification, particularly thin, a drop of just enough to pull, face, of course, can use a big drop big mm oh. Concentrate quality raw material origin: different geographical environment, climate, determines the different plant species and temperament, produce each kind of plant has a best of origin, raw material determines the quality of pure extraction liquid.
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