Cosmetics processing factory: the role of massage cream and how to use

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-29
different massage cream has a different role, but they have the common massage cream replenish skin nutrients and moisture, improve dry skin, moisturize skin, keep skin soft, smooth, make skin tender, smooth, and so on. Is primarily promotes the skin blood circulation and metabolism, massage is to prevent skin aging and relaxation. Chamfer as its name implies is to go to dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and after the absorption of nutrition better. So how do I use so many massage cream? The following cosmetics processing factory explain to everyone the correct way of using the massage cream. With cosmetic processing factory and see it! Cosmetics processing factory: the use of the massage cream massage cream means used by facial massage. Its role is to make the skin more tender and white, clear, clear. The effect of massage cream bring everyone is done not have other skin care products. The following cosmetics processing factory method wish I could help you. Cosmetics processing factory: touch with finger massage cream daub some massage cream daub on face, gently massage, mainly in two buccal place massage, help skin absorb nutrients, essence. Massage cream generally have good moisturizing, the effect of chamfer, so when you apply well to massage, refers to the belly gently knead face repeatedly, do not leak any place. 5 - Eight minutes can be rinsed off. Rinse and be sure to wash thoroughly. If the pores will be blocked. Cosmetics processing factory: when using massage cream daub after massage cream, can steam spray face 8 - at the same time About 15 points, promote skin to absorb nutrition in massage cream. At the same time help massage cream play better results. After steam, can massage for a while, as far as possible light. The final rinse. Massage in efforts to control good, big can produce red phenomenon. The above is the cosmetics processing factory about the massage cream use method for everyone. Cosmetics processing manufacturer to remind you that remember placed it after use massage cream store in a cool and dry place.
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