Cosmetics processing factory tells you: how to calculate the cost of cosmetics processing?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-03

The cosmetics processing factory tells you: how to calculate the cost of cosmetics processing.  In the early days of contact with the cosmetics processing factory, the most concerned question is what is the cost of cosmetics processing? As an xj beauty cosmetics factory with more than 12 years of processing experience, this is not a difficult question to answer.  

In fact, the cost of processing is affected by many factors. In short, cosmetic processing costs = internal packaging materials (Inner packaging material)MOQ for labor costs. Let's talk about the factors that affect the processing cost of cosmetics in detail. Xj beauty cosmetics processing 1.  The quality of the internal materials must first clarify the positioning and sales channels of the products that need to be processed. For example, professional line cosmetics or Daily Chemical line cosmetics. Daily Chemical line products generally go through e-commerce channels and micro-commerce channels, while professional line products are aimed at beauty salons, with different positioning and different quality requirements for products. Generally, the price of internal materials for daily chemical products will be lower, and the price of internal materials required for professional line products is relatively high. Second, the quality of packaging materials there are two kinds of packaging materials, inner packaging materials and outer packaging materials, the inner packaging materials are generally glass bottles, plastic bottles, hoses, etc. , the outer packaging materials are generally paper packaging boxes. Customers can also provide their own internal and external packaging materials, only need to produce cosmetics on behalf of the factory and then fill and package. Third, the minimum order quantity, whether it is the number of processing orders or the number of packaging materials, involves a minimum order quantity.  

The large quantity can save labor costs and reduce the cost of mechanical loss.  Therefore, if the quantity is small, the processing price will be relatively higher. If the cosmetic processing order is large, the foundry will generally give a certain discount. Four, other cosmetics processing costs factory processing station service costs, product inspection costs, filing costs and so on. In addition, the processing method chosen by the customer, some brands bring their own mature formula, which involves whether the factory needs to re-order the raw materials, and the time cost will also increase, which affects the cost of cosmetics processing. Xj beauty cosmetics processing Summary: There are many factors that affect the processing cost of cosmetics.  

It cannot be judged from one or two aspects, but more is considered comprehensively, xj beauty cosmetics processing recommended that you go to the cosmetics processing factory to visit the field, there will be a clear understanding. Wenzhou xj beauty has a wide range of processing, including skin care products processing, mask oem, cosmetics oem, skin care processing, washing and care products processing.                                

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