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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-02
The cosmetic processing factory broke the news that it would be a loss if it didn't do anti-aging skin care products. In this era when the value of appearance is paramount, anti-aging has long been not a matter for the middle-aged and the elderly. The younger generation's fear of aging has long been far greater than that of other times, cosmetics processing factory broke the news that if you don't do anti-aging skin care products, you will lose! '1. The demand for anti-aging products is strong. In today's life, girls are not only facing skin aging caused by external factors such as ultraviolet rays, air pollution and radiation from electronic products. On the other hand, long-term overtime, mental anxiety and irregular diet have become the normal life of young people. These bad living habits have also led to serious skin damage and even become the number one culprit of skin aging. 90% of female consumers are deeply troubled by skin problems such as dryness, peeling, sagging and wrinkles. According to Forbes data, China's anti-aging market has reached a scale of 4. 5 billion yuan, but there is still room for development of 1000 yuan. What is more noteworthy is that China 2/5 (39%) Urban women aged 20 to 24 all use anti-aging products, especially anti-aging products, which have become just needed. 2. The next market hotspot belongs to anti-aging according to JDND consumption index '2017- The 2018 beauty consumption report pointed out that anti-aging commodities were highly praised in the post-90 s, and the number of users was extremely considerable, accounting for nearly 15%. According to the data released by the China flavor and fragrance cosmetics industry association, at present, the most concerned and hottest maintenance service item for women is anti-aging maintenance, and its mention rate in all items is as high as 72. 2%. In terms of efficacy, anti-aging has become the most concerned skin care efficacy for consumers, and the retail share has increased to 58. 1%. 3. The anti-aging market is currently immature and has great potential. Although China's anti-aging market share is not low and its volume continues to expand, China's anti-aging products are not in scale. 01 there are only a few big brands, and there is much room for development. Apart from big brands such as Lancome, Estee Lauder and Olay, there is no professional anti-aging leading brand in China, but individual series of individual brands involve anti-aging, in this blue sea of resistance to senility, although there are a large number of tourists, there are still a small number of tourists. On the other hand, in many anti-aging products, 'anti-aging' is just a gimmick and has no practical effect on efficacy. 02 the current anti-aging products only act on the surface looking at the main anti-aging products on the market at present, most of which are mainly chemical anti-oxidation and plant anti-oxidation. This kind of anti-aging skin care products can achieve anti-aging effect on the skin surface, but they are limited. Natural and healthy anti-aging methods are warming up in young consumer groups, and young people prefer to keep their skin healthy and shiny. The current products have not yet met the demand, and anti-aging products can be further developed in the future. Xj beauty anti-aging product 03XJ BEAUTY follows the trend and launches anti-aging stock solution. The effect is remarkable. Anti-aging stock solution can meet the needs of removing wrinkles, firming skin and brightening skin color. The extraction of natural plant components is adopted. Deeply act on the basal layer, first smooth the fine lines and quickly restore the youthful skin tissue, enhance the tightening and contraction ability, remove wrinkles and enhance the firmness. Secondly, smooth and refine the skin, replenish the skin collagen and efficiently stimulate the collagen proliferation of the skin itself, rebuild the collagen scaffold, restore the skin elasticity and deeply tighten the skin. Circulation, anti-age lock youth. Xj beauty anti-aging products xj beauty anti-aging products xj beauty Anti-Aging Products effect xj beauty cosmetics processing factory is a large cosmetics processing company integrating cosmetics research and development, production, sales and service, what makes xj beauty different is that the two bosses of xj beauty are specialized in research and development, and one is a plant extraction expert with 20 years of experience, who worked in the research institute before. One is a recipe expert, a former university professor and a research and development technology consultant for large companies. In the spirit of craftsman, the two bosses gathered a group of experts with common aspirations who are proficient in skin function structure, Chinese herbal medicine formula application and human body structure application, hoping to make their own contributions to the cosmetics industry by virtue of their own abilities, xj beauty cosmetics processing factory was created to create natural, safe, effective and innovative green cosmetics.
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