Cosmetics processing factories: summer should pay attention to diet

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
Summer climate is hot, sweat glands and sebaceous glands secretion exuberant, sweat and sebum secretion. Shown more oily skin, the skin PH of the alkaline, decreased resistance, the easy generation of skin lesions, skin eczema, acne, etc are so common. Summer sunlight intense ultraviolet burn the skin, increase skin pigment, black, cause freckles, at the same time also can accelerate the ageing of the skin, make skin thickening, coarse, lose elasticity, serious still can cause skin cancer. Summer skin care focus is to protect the skin and repair skin. Protect your skin should not only pay attention to prevent bask in, want to notice to protect wet again. Before you go out should be on the bare skin parts with special sunscreen or suntan lotion, choose the SPF 15 - 30 sunscreen day cream, wipe on a dedicated sunscreen eye cream around the eye. Go out should wear straw hats, umbrellas, sunglasses to keep out ultraviolet light. It's hot in summer, the air is too dry, easy to make the skin water loss, should be in the skin moisturizing cream skin, replenish moisture, keep skin moist. Summer skin vulnerable, should be repaired in a timely manner, and every night after cleansing, pat face by weak acid lotion, regulate the skin PH value, inhibit the secretion of sebum and sweat, then smeared with the nourishing cream containing repair function. If facial or eye is swollen, sunburn, should use ice water or ice cucumber apply to face. Diet can affect the skin. In the summer, most people would like to eat cold drinks, cold drinks are more sweet food, these substances are likely to stimulate our excessive secretion of sebaceous gland, is likely to cause acne. So also should pay attention to in the process of selecting the cosmetics manufacturer, many choose to fill wet and water retention effect of cosmetics, here recommend XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturing plant, moisturizing and hydrating cosmetics effect is remarkable
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