Cosmetics processing factories: high-end cosmetics are local brands

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-27
Cosmetics processing factories: high-end cosmetics are local brands < p> 2018 - cosmetics processing manufacturer 08 - 01 10:14:36 < / p> in general, 200 yuan of the following item belongs to the public brand cosmetics, 200-400 yuan item belongs to the high-end brand, belong to high-end brand of 400 yuan of above. Within the range of 400 yuan of above, in addition to Shanghai jahwa hundred rough market a few brands, such as the figure of local cosmetics processing factory is still rare. Investigate its reason, high-end cosmetics are not as popular brand, easy to produce & other; Advertising rang throughout, gold two thousand &; The effect. If there is no support and more than 10 years of excellent quality, it is difficult to hold position in the high-end market. Including l 'oreal, procter & gamble, foreign giants, in the domestic cosmetics market has been in a strong position brand, one of the secret is the emphasis on research and development. China securities researcher Wang Weina, said companies such as l 'oreal, on the one hand, through the research and development in the aging and prevent the respect such as hair loss leading technology, on the other hand, to perfect the product line through a large number of acquisitions. Steady growth in recent years, such as new product r&d export clothing cosmetics. 3%. “ Although on the proportion of r&d, domestic enterprises and foreign basic with a draw. But subject to the enterprise size, sheer specified number is far lower than the foreign r&d investment in the domestic brands. ” Essence securities according to the report.
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