Cosmetics processing factories: beauty makeup product is inversely proportional to the trend of consumption upgrade?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-27
Cosmetics processing factories: beauty makeup product is inversely proportional to the trend of consumption upgrade? < p> 2018 - cosmetics processing manufacturer 08 - 14 17:50:49 < / p> cosmetics processing factory, most beauty makeup blogger is a selfless offer face to try the great image of the product, there is a new product they will first try to share, in the guise of save you money tempt you to spend money. “ Grass & throughout; With & other; Pulling weeds & throughout; In parallel, which greatly improve the authenticity of the recommended. They will set for oneself seek a lovable, attract more fans attention. As a blogger grow drift not beautiful beauty makeup is not important, but must after makeup colourful pressure spring fang, or let others how to convince you? Have this perfectly is the county seat of society. Time is long, found that focus on beauty makeup blogger buy buy buy faster far behind the pace of their share. They always can immediately grasp the popular trend, color, aunt color red bean paste, male, dirty orange. 。 。 When we see these popular color, to share, they have begun to prepare the next color copy. In addition to beauty makeup, fitness, pet, chase play, food & hellip; They follow to discuss what attention, reduce the distance with the fans, make fans feel like friends, convenient in the future. With these base their advertising products to show in the video, it is very natural, coupled with the repeat mouth broadcast and multi-platform repeated exposure, eroding our wallets. I will see one of my colleagues, originally for a mask, a recent Po, * see * platform such as frequent recommendation, beauty makeup the blogger already have ideas to try. Beauty makeup blogger drive the niche brand began nearly two years rise and niche brand has become a hot words to show superiority complex, beauty makeup industry even more so. These niche brands are mainly in the domestic market share is very small or not to enter the Chinese brand, efficacy and general we come into contact with the product and there is no essential difference. Cosmetics processing factory now understands this niche brand + beauty makeup marketing model bloggers have become increasingly mature, we are familiar with the south Korean animal mask, Spain medicine makeup brand MartiDerm, ISDIN, etc, are popular in this way. Beauty makeup product consumption upgrade after polarized obviously since 90 are more concerned about fashion, care about their own image, in the consumer pay more attention on the quality and individual character, their shopping is not only meet the needs of the life, is a large part of meet the demand of the heart, like to try new things. According to statistics, 90 after beauty makeup industry has become the main consumer groups. Rely on the network characteristics after 90, accelerated the beauty makeup blogger beauty makeup market impact. After 90, and the price is high quality than other age groups of consumers are more willing to spend money on beauty from it. They expect high-end skin care product can bring youth, especially in the early 90 s, the age of three, fear to grow old, which makes their consumption amount continuously go up. Low-cost high after 90 pretend bility of personalized consumer demand makes them more receptive to new products, new concepts, cost-effective products and part of them. Such as snake venom mask, snails mask, black roe mask, mask, carbonate which is not.
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