Cosmetics processing: environmental supervision check the eight major

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-28
water pollution environmental monitoring of sewage treatment facilities cosmetics processing operation of the running state, history, treatment capacity and water, high quality management, the treatment effect of wastewater, sludge treatment and disposal. Whether to establish a wastewater facilities operating parameter ( Sewage treatment facilities to open the key time, daily waste water in and out of the water quantity, water quality, dosing and maintenance record. ) Sewage outfalls inspection to check if the location of the sewage outfalls in accordance with regulations, check whether the number of cosmetic processing sewage outfalls polluters to comply with relevant regulations, check according to the regulations of the relevant pollutants emission standards, set up monitoring sampling point, check whether set a standard for measuring flow rate and velocity of flow. Total sewage outlet shall be set environmental protection sign. Whether setting on-line monitoring, monitoring equipment as required. Reviewing displacement flowmeter and pollution sources monitoring equipment, check the operation record; For water device or document of water consumption, according to water consumption calculation of displacement; No measurement and effective water proof, with reference to the relevant state standards, manual gives estimation of the number of water drainage system of similar enterprises. Wastewater quality discharge water quality inspection is enough to meet the requirements of national or local standards for the discharge of pollutants. Check monitoring instruments, meters, equipment type and specification and verification and validation. Check the monitoring analysis method and water quality monitoring records. If necessary on-site monitoring or sampling. Rain check the unclean, unclean shunt, check whether units for sewage disposal waste water diversion, rain sewage diversion accident emergency disposal facilities check sewage cosmetics processing factory accident emergency disposal of wastewater facilities are complete, whether can you guarantee for environmental pollution accidents, wastewater implementation of intercept, storage and handling. Check the treated wastewater reuse of waste gas pollution inspection to check the operation of the waste gas treatment facilities, the operation of the history, processing capability and capacity. Boiler, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, etc, in which exhaust fumes check chemical, petrochemical and other cosmetics processing factory continuously produce inflammable organic exhaust gas is reasonable processing methods, take measures to recycle it or burn treatment, intermittent producing inflammable organic waste gas by burning, adsorption or combination process is reasonable. Check the boiler combustion equipment inspection procedures and performance indicators, check the operation condition of combustion equipment, inspection control, check the nox control of sulfur dioxide. Process waste gas, dust, and the stench pollution inspection exhaust emissions, dust, and the stench is in accordance with the relevant standards requirements; Monitor the recycling of the combustible gas; Check can be toxic and harmful gas and dust in the transportation, loading and unloading, and storage of environmental protection measures; Anti-air pollution installations dust removal, desulfurization, out of stock, other gaseous pollutants purification system waste gas discharge outlet check whether polluters in the forbidden setting new vent area new vent; Check whether the vent stack height is comply with the provisions of the state or local standards; Check whether the exhaust vent channel is set sampling holes and sampling monitoring platform; Check whether the vent is set (as requested Height, sampling mouth, signs, etc. ) Requires, the waste gas is installed in accordance with the environmental protection department and the practical on-line monitoring facilities. Unorganized emission source ( 1) For unorganized discharge poisonous and harmful gas, dust, soot emission points, conditional achieve organized emissions, check whether units for regulation, implement organized emissions; ( 2) Check the coal yard, the yard, dust and construction dust in the process of production, whether taken measures to prevent and control the dust pollution in according to the requirement or set dust prevention equipment; ( 3) Monitoring in the enterprise boundaries, check whether the unorganized emissions is in line with the requirements of relevant environmental protection standard.
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