Cosmetics processing: environmental protection supervision content analysis

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-28
cosmetics processing according to the inspectorate supervision related leadership speech, check the environmental protection problem is focused on the inspector to carry out national provincial party committee and government, the environmental protection policy decisions, solve the prominent environmental problem, the implementation of the environmental protection responsibility, promote province ecological civilization construction and environmental protection, promote green development. So local inspection will check what again? Cosmetics processing is closely related to our side in general: 1, the production of accessories at the same time there is out of powder materials, related coal-fired boiler equipment seized; 2, found that the noise and smell strong products and to clean up. 3, no business license, non-standard manufacturers need to rectify; Four, helping to check on fire control safety risk; 5, helping to check and shoddy and fake imitation brand. Environmental protection and supervision law enforcement to the scene of the enterprise mainly check? Ring was made in the people's right to conduct inspections, engaged in the field of environmental monitoring law enforcement shall not be less than two people, and show 'China environmental monitoring execute the law card' and other administrative law enforcement certificates, id, law enforcement matters. The cosmetics processing analysis, environmental monitoring personnel have the right to the following: ( 1) Into the relevant place of survey, sampling, monitoring, and making a record, pictures, audio, video, ( 2) Consult, copy the data; ( 3) Appointment, asking about personnel requirements specification related matters and provide relevant materials; ( 4) Shall be ordered to stop or correct illegal behavior; ( 5) Apply to administrative penalty summary procedure, make a decision on administrative penalty on the spot; ( 6) Other measures stipulated by the laws, regulations and rules. Environmental monitoring in general will check the content ( 1) , enterprise production enterprise by sector and main products. Last month's products and production capacity, whether to exist lines in operation. ( 2) , whether the implementation of environmental protection of enterprise project eia formalities in accordance with the law, view the eia files and eia approval view project, production scale, location and the nature of the production process or use of pollution control measures, such as whether to conform to the eia and approval documents. Five years after project eia approval to start construction, whether or not to approval of eia. Check after the project was put into operation, the completion inspection and acceptance of environmental protection. Environmental protection completion inspection and acceptance procedure is complete. Production workshop: super or raw materials involved in the acid, alkali, corrosion and other easy to whether the ground of workshop do anticorrosive processing, and regular maintenance. Production process exists PaoMaoDiLou scene. Check the discharge permit application, reporting, discharge, pay 【 The pollution and situation on-site inspection 】 No relevant sewage link ( Such as link impact on groundwater, etc. ) And don't check. 】
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