Cosmetics processing enterprises how to make web celebrity marketing?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
2016, the pronoun 'web celebrity economy' with the emergence of a large number of Internet sensation also gradually by the public cognition, which is around the web celebrity hair business chain and profit model of a commercial phenomenon. Vast amounts of powerful fans, topic, capital social cashability, approved by the extension of industry chain is generally 'web celebrity' business model. So in the face of hot web celebrity economy, cosmetics processing enterprises how to make good use of it to create more value for himself? Why web celebrity web celebrity economy are so popular? According to the 2015 China mobile Internet crowd behavior analysis report pointed out that the Internet mainly to 15 Of 34 people give priority to, and in 90 and 00 after accounting for the majority, as a young generation of new new mankind, they are no longer the traditional advertising, personalized hobbies and friends recommend than advertising, most often contact phone, social media, like video entertainment, is now the most to influence a new generation of young consumers are video and social media. In fact, some domestic brands have shrunk traditional advertising spending is turned towards the Internet advertising, which is one of the most popular video classes and the social media platform. Web celebrity and star endorsements, they will use and share personally show, they tough-talking continuous or alternative behavior characteristic content can attract a new generation of people love, such as weibo, pat, bettas are social media and video platform in the channel has a huge fan of the crowd, occupy the channel of most popular web celebrity will use its own advantages bring considerable income for yourself. consumers how to use web celebrity contact? Web celebrity economy has entered a stage of rapid development, but how to choose to web celebrity brands is a very important problem. First find suitable for their own brand image web celebrity, because not all web celebrity's image and content are suitable for marketing cosmetics manufacturer, consider web celebrity fans behind the quality and brand fit and so on. Second consider product is present in the form of video or photos, how to display, content planning, clear, etc are all need to carefully consider the problem of personality. Around the product to do some customization and soft inserts can choose a video channel for the heat now, because nowadays the most popular is a short video broadcast platform, this type of communication more in line with the viewing habits of young consumers, can more abundant use of products and a full display details. Soft implanted benefits, in addition to let users imperceptibly like products, also can clear the personalized requirements of products, web celebrity marketing is marketing content, just more approachable.
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