Cosmetics processing: does the eye moist better more?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Eye cream moisturizing better more? The teacher, I am twenty years of age can use eye cream? 'Teacher, I recently long eye adipose bead, is because of eye cream? 'Teacher, I usually don't eye cream, use face cream can replace? 'All sorts of problems about the eye cream believe that a lot of people have met, today small make up take you want to know the answers together, all kinds of common problem summary answer about eye cream. First, we need to know the role of eye cream: right eye cream is a nurse daily essentials, it is the most important role to improve eye skin lacks water, long delay eye fine lines, relieve black rim of the eye and pouch, but cannot completely remove wrinkles and dark circles, more have no way to remove eye bags directly, so, want to eye no problem, eye cream to use early, just can have better prevention effect. In addition, eye cream is the most nutritious skincare products of all is to absorb the most bad, so should pay attention to when using eye cream ocular acupuncture point massage, help the absorption of eye cream better. Correct usage: aged 18 ~ 20 MM should get into the habit of start to use eye cream, this age is temporarily don't need too care, nutrition can choose strong hydrating eye cream can absorb good gel, such as AA network eye gel, you can use, of course, if you has appeared fine lines at this age, you will need to use with the function of moisturizing eye cream, such as avocado eye frost, AHC eye cream can be used. Facial aging relaxation area is the earliest below the eye and upper eyelid, wrinkle, this area if there is no crow's feet visible, but it is very fragile. So can't use eye cream just around the corner. Eye cream is the correct way to arrange the inner eye, under the upper eyelid, eye end, eyelid do massage, skin until fully absorbed. Eye cream massage is the purpose of promoting absorption, wrinkles are against the skin growth direction, when massage along the skin texture growth. So treat different parts and different problems have different massage methods. Eye week skin and other skin this small piece of area are different, is the most thin, the skin of facial skin cutin layer distribution at least part of the gland, cannot bear too many nutrients. So eye cream is the most fundamental nourishing ingredients to appropriate benefits, can quickly absorb and play a role. And creams are the main effect is to constantly moisturize skin, macromolecular composition of maintenance is needed to retention in the skin to use eye cream every morning and evening, conditional word can distinguish between day and night, night use eye cream with repair nourishing functions, mainly during the day more than give priority to with hydrating protection. If you have a little eye problems, you can choose hydrating protective eye cream can, as a simple moist prevention. According to individual skin cream, dry skin can choose a greasy, oily skin absorb easily choose slightly relaxed latex eye cream. If there is adipose bead itself, will do daily cleaning, choose a fresh eye frost, a also can maintain the next apply some hydrating eye mask eye. Eye has appeared the appearance of fine lines, if you don't laugh or any wrinkles that has been formed, it is difficult to remove, suggest that choose to contain the decay resistance of eye cream + eye mask, such as estee lauder eye cream + yue eu eye mask can be used. Under normal circumstances, an eye cream is contained in the formula ratio are calculated, its signs suggested usage is enough to make its composition play a role, too daub is not only more effective, and will also bring eye week skin too much burden. In addition, the adhesion of eye cream is very strong, although the quantity is little, can still cover the eyes as a whole. Don't particularly care about the problem of inadequate usage, main is to keep the good habits, to make the continuous use eye cream to play the best effect. Women over the age of 30, just the key points in a choice of young or old, if you care in place during the eye is not easy to grow wrinkles, if maintain undeserved, eye fine lines into wrinkles, is irrevocably! Want the eye looks younger than their peers, will be on care more than others pay attention to maintenance. Proper use of after the order is to use eye cream, be sure to use eye cream, can lock the essence of the nutrition products recommended quintessence activating firming eye cream fade out black rim of the eye, eye to eye bags anti-wrinkle, fine lines and puffiness. Carry bright eyes, fade out fine lines, firming eye bags, make your eyes more charming. Plant essence relieve eye dew use world of xanthan gum with high quality sodium, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, EDTA disodium. To alleviate eye fatigue, moist eye, eye, plump, delicate texture; Fade out black rim of the eye, brighten eyes, fade out fine lines, firming eye bags, make your eyes more charming. Eye color and smooth eye essence with bitterness/decanoic acid triglycerides, whales wax stearyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, etc. Provide eye needed nutrients, nourish eye skin. Fade out fine lines, firming skin, to full of bright eyes. Usage: after cleaning, apply adequate amount to the eye massage until absorption. Nano jin jing eye essence is deep sea two wil ( 海甘蓝ABYSSINICA) Seed oil, butter and fruit trees, 牛油树PARKII) Fruit fat, rich in gold, strengthen eye skin firmness, improve eye fine lines, long-term use can improve eye skin luster. Hyaluronic acid eye essence with hydrolyzed collagen, lecithin, milk thistle ( SILYBUM MARIANUM) Fruit extract, carnosine, tocopherol ( Vitamin E) , can promote blood circulation of eye cells, effectively improve due to various conditions of pouch and black rim of the eye, eye wrinkles, make skin around eyes silky texture. Eye anti-wrinkle essence from fenugreek oil, wheat germ oil, hydrolyzed elastin, sesame protein hydrolysate, foreign Peru ginseng extract, effectively improve nourish eye skin, supplement skin collagen, helping to boost eye skin firm and.
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