Cosmetics processing: daily storage should be paid attention to what issues?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-31
1, the makeup is the most taboo & other; Thermal pollution & throughout; In use process, because the cotton impurity, lotion can cause secondary pollution. After discharge makeup cotton loosen, must will be packing seal tightly. In addition, in terms of cosmetics, and fever is a & other; Pollution & throughout; 。 I believe many people have experienced similar personal experience: in the cosmetics counter using the soft skin of water, it is really hot and humid, and it is affected by light and heat. High temperatures accelerate the deterioration of the emulsion is a kind of & other; Pollution & throughout; The storage should be ventilated breathe freely, so lotions. In addition, many people go out put makeup in their bags. Easy oxidation isolation outdoor strong ultraviolet ray milk vegetable oils and spices such as cosmetics, pigment, make certain ingredients lose vitality. In the sun, plastic deformation, dissolve, release compound, indirect pollution isolated milk, it will eventually have a negative impact for your skin. Cosmetics manufacturers therefore advise when going out, must pay attention to the cosmetics store, in order to prevent the sun. 2, protect skin to taste must also & other; Detoxification & throughout; Usually, people used to use facial cleanser in the shower. Bathing frequency is high, shower high humidity. Should be clear, excessive damp and cold environment is taboo in cosmetics store. Damp will accelerate contains proteins and lipids in front of the milk bacteria breeding, and eventually deteriorate. Therefore, in order to make the cleanser for a longer time, cosmetics manufacturers recommended shower must open the window every day and ventilation or turn on the fan ventilation, to & other; Detoxification & throughout; Cosmetics, we should pay attention to good cleanser bottle stopper, to avoid bacteria invasion. 3, don't worry about lipstick & other; Sweat & throughout; Wax is the elementary element of the lipstick, it is a very stable chemical. Lipstick is arguably the most stable and reliable product in cosmetics, even & other; Sweat & throughout; Still can be at ease use. When the temperature in hot, open the lipstick, often see a thin layer of water droplets, as if the lipstick in & other; Sweat & throughout; , encountered such a situation you don't have to worry about, that is normal, not lipstick metamorphism. Generally the shelf life of lipstick is five years, so you don't have to worry about sweating out of date.
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