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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-03
Cosmetics processing: cosmetics want people to remember that they must rely on quality to speak. There are many brands that want people to remember that they must rely on quality to speak. The current cosmetics industry is no longer an industry that can sell products by playing the emotion card and telling brand feelings. Less talk about beautiful dreams, more practical products to speak. Under the market environment of constantly upgrading consumption orientation and survival of the fittest, the current quality of marketing themes is a hard indicator. There is no need to describe too much about the development prospect of the cosmetics industry. China will become the world's largest cosmetics market in the future. In the current consumer-led market, cosmetic concerns are gradually changing. Consumers' curiosity about new products and their pursuit of high quality have led to a weaker marketing effect on sales through brands. More new products and high-quality products are highly praised by consumers. Similarly, in the cosmetics OEM processing industry, this specialized division of labor has greatly promoted the effective allocation of resources and made each other more focused on their own fields. This has led to cosmetics processing customers: brands can focus more on developing their own products and brand marketing, while cosmetics processing companies are more focused on their own manufacturing capabilities and the quality of their products. The better the product, the more competitive it is in the market. At present, there are more than four thousand 'licensed' cosmetics brand enterprises in our country, but there are generally disadvantages such as small scale, insufficient research and development, and inadequate quality control, which restrict the development of enterprises in the market. However, in China's cosmetics market, where foreign enterprises account for a large proportion, the confidence of local enterprises is slightly insufficient, and the problem of low research and development level is particularly prominent. Many domestic brand enterprises focus on marketing rather than research and development, and still stay in the thinking of 'high income, fast marketing and low cost, I didn't realize that good quality is an important factor that can attract consumers to buy and gain a firm foothold in the market. Research and development and technology as well as the function and quality of products are the essence of cosmetics. Cosmetics that lack real scientific research and technical strength have no vitality and will not gain consumer loyalty. Only by improving the scientific research level of products and doing a good job in product quality can enterprises have broader prospects. It is understood that foreign cosmetics enterprises have spent a lot in the domestic market and have also created rich revenue. However, foreign companies such as Procter & Gamble, Shiseido and L'Oreal still have reservations in the construction of scientific research institutions in China. Many foreign companies have not really systematically put cosmetics research in China, most of which are only part of the whole product research and development chain, or bring the perfect formula abroad to China for mass production. However, the research and development structure of cosmetics enterprises in China is not perfect, lacking coordination and systematicness. Enterprises do not attach enough importance to research and development, and cannot build a perfect research and development platform. So cosmetics want people to remember, must rely on quality to speak! For cosmetics, brands have always been pursued by everyone, and the most pursued brands are often more foreign brands. After all, foreign cosmetics have been developing for a long time, the brand is very good from workmanship to quality, but with the development of China, many brands in various industries have gradually emerged in recent years! Less talk about beautiful dreams, more practical products to speak.
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