Cosmetics preservatives are not reliable

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-23
For beautiful to love people, dresser without cosmetics or skin care products, modern to pursue beauty and at the same time pay more attention to pure natural, pure plant formula makes a lot of small fairy feel at ease, but let them shun 'preservatives'. Some people think that use of preservatives of cosmetics can damage skin some people think that cosmetic preservative varied less reliable. So, what is the truth? Do preservative itself has little benefit to the skin, which may cause skin irritation and discomfort. But leave the preservatives of cosmetics can have very big hidden trouble. Cosmetics raw material variety, including water and provides all kinds of nutrients for growth of microorganism carbon source and nitrogen source. If there are no preservatives in cosmetics, microorganisms, it is easy to invasion, make cosmetics odor, color, and viscosity change, lead to the active ingredient degradation, can even cause harm to a person's skin. Add preservatives in cosmetics, can effectively inhibit or prevent microbial growth and reproduction, to ensure that does not occur within the guarantee period metamorphism cosmetics, avoid the occurrence of the above situation. In addition, many people will be judged by how much the kinds of preservatives of cosmetics is good or bad, think preservatives varied cosmetics is not reliable. In fact, different preservative bacteriostasis effect, some for some effective, so often need to add a variety of cosmetics preservatives, to achieve the purpose of the broad spectrum prevention, thus ensuring the anti-corrosion effect. As long as it is, therefore, qualified cosmetics, need not too worried.
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