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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
processing cosmetics manufacturer of cosmetic packaging trend < p> 2018 - 07 - 13 10:57:30 < / p> after the 90 population has gradually become the main force of cosmetics sales market, mainly cosmetics brands seized the Chinese consumer market after 90. In now in an era of watch face, cosmetics OEM processing factory in wenzhou also produced the appearance of the card, in the cosmetics OEM product packaging. Upstream cosmetics manufacturer packaging what are the new trend in this year? Besides there are more and more high-tech products, the design of the packaging materials have become a new bright spot. In order to cater to & other; Lazy and picky & throughout; General characteristics of young people, cosmetics brands are making a lot of effort on the packaging, innovation & other; Wisdom & throughout; Packing also appeared. 1. Note cosmetics OEM packaging convenience of young people for cosmetic appeal mainly is simplified to the function, and the integration of product is very popular in young group, such as last year's & other; A key & throughout; Products of cosmetic cream. He also said: & other; Life rhythm soon after 90, the style is direct, afraid trival, don't want to see the product complicated instructions, hope the products can solve all problems. ” In addition, in the product with a little & other; Small thinking & throughout; It is also a & other Powder absorption & throughout; Methods. Some & other; Smart & throughout; is very easy to use, the cost of production and technical requirements are not particularly high. 2. Focus on simple sense, product packaging material to design more advanced in addition to the pursuit of innovative packaging, cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing factory in wenzhou, also found that, the head of the packaging material quality of a material is to improve the direction of the packaging material. Main printing technique has a scan gold, local excitation, UV light oil, buffer, relief, the small brand, inverse image, etc. Among them, the inverse image processing can produce frosted glass and light reflection. Uv oil can be highlighted. Senior white jade porcelain glass this year, higher than other glass coloration, the technology has become the company's patent, its advantage is to make the product look more high-end packaging, production is also more environmentally friendly. 3. Break the homogeneity, creativity is the key to brand protection g-town international co. , LTD. , general manager of Xu He tao said in an interview with the cosmetics manufacturer business online, homogeneity cosmetics brands are facing a big problem. In order to break down barriers of homogeneous, way is to introduce the concept of illustration, the Hague bay in order to increase the brand's uniqueness and texture. What are the new trend of cosmetics packaging? “ Brand homogenization were too severe. If you don't agree with you, you will be submerged in the market. “ Now, most of the brand needs to be simple and high-end design style, & throughout; In his view, the sex apathy was once very popular, many brands to follow suit. Wenzhou cosmetics OEM processing factory director also said that want to be in the consumers' mind of brand positioning, also need to constantly update products, packaging is also critical role in it.
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