Cosmetics packaging container design and analysis

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
With the coming of information age, people's consumption style, value idea, great changes have taken place in the increasingly rich skin care products for women also presents the diversified consumer choice. So for women personalized commodity in this has a huge market space. Also forcing cosmetics container design must be changed in the past of the old design concept, with a new visual language to create the new visual image, to fit into the new era of consumption concept. 'Contracted and not simple, rich is not complicated' cosmetics container design, more get the favour of consumers, which requires the designer understand the market demand, stand in the forefront of the trend, using modern design tools and rich design language, to devise novel and unique creative ideas, to win, and be able to convey the basic information of the goods in 01 time, with unique, personalized design shortens the distance between the consumers and the products, consumers of beauty to enjoy. Designer on the choice of packaging materials should consider environmental factors, more actively adapt to the global green consumption fashion, and promote the development of 'green packaging', this is also the female skin care products packaging container design trend. Cosmetics as important in the field of female consumer goods, the packaging design consumption view of modern women play an important guiding role. Affective as the background, based on the modern women's consumption on the artistic characteristics of cosmetic packaging design has carried on the further discussion, cosmetic packaging design aims to research the cultural features and brand effect, human nature, to the current cosmetic packaging design materials, cosmetics containers of human performance, influence the packing decoration design, etc. Master these characteristics, contribute to cosmetic packaging design under the new economic condition to cater to the modern women consumption cordiality, explore the new cosmetics packaging design style of performance. 505. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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