Cosmetics packaging bottle manufacturers talk about cosmetic packaging bottle capacity issue

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
Cosmetics container glass chemical stability is good, is not easy to react with built-in objects; Good transparency, can add in the raw material of iron, cobalt, chromium, such as colorants, produce a variety of color glass bottle ( Stimulation such as amber and green glass, glass, cobalt blue glass, white glass, opacified glass) ; Good heat resistance and not easy to deformation; The compressive strength, resistance to internal pressure; Have a big density and weight, Suitable for high-end cosmetics packaging) ; Good barrier property, health, and preservation, easy to seal, after opening again tight seal etc. But at the same time, poor resistance to impact, fragile glass bottles, filling cost is high, the forming process is relatively complex, limit the application of the glass bottle. Glass is often used in high-end cosmetics or some special requirements of cosmetics packaging. Used for liquid cosmetics packaging of glass bottles is generally small mouth ( Narrow mouth bottle) , mainly for the nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume and essence of the packaging. The structure of glass bottles and modelling can be various according to the needs of product packaging design, manufacture by changing the mold. The bottle can be directly for decoration printing or label decoration, at the same time, can choose different colors of glass bottle, to adapt to the different characteristics of the built-in cosmetics packaging requirements. To match the glass bottle cap design, it is very important aspect, especially the design of the perfume bottles and caps, but also infinite change. In the cosmetics bottles on the packaging, we can be able to see cosmetics bottles capacity. But in fact, some cosmetic companies to work for profit, in the cosmetics bottles move preliminary on the capacity of the mind. On the one hand, of course, the packaging on the capacity, but cosmetic packaging bottle's capacity is not up to standard, such as some cosmetics packaging is concave on the bottom of the bottle, cosmetic bottles, of course, the appearance is very big. But the internal capacity is very limited. Popular consumer, it is difficult to distinguish the reality of cosmetic packaging bottle capacity related quality supervision departments should establish strict supervision system, to protect the interests of the consumers. Cosmetics bottles capacity should strengthen the standardized management of protect the interests of consumers and the cosmetics packaging bottles in the packaging of this type of image, we are still need to form a coherent standard standard induction, to eritrea narrow beam cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers. At the moment there are a lot of enterprises in order to attract customers will spend money on the product packaging is big, here is the cosmetics bottles, we talked about the cosmetics bottles, more is the excessive packing of cosmetics bottles. For the material of cosmetics bottles and appearance too luxurious, tiny cosmetic packaging bottle packaging of China is to let people of the important aspects. But cosmetics bottles and other aspects worthy of our attention and setting. 471. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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