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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
During the summer, the hot sun hot, you prevent bask in segregation for the skin? XJ Beauty with clear segregation frost from cetyl stearyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, beta Glucan ingredients, light weight, feel soft, moist skin care, effective separation of dust, comfortable freely. Rose extract essence, gives skin beautification nourish energy, relieve and repair skin, prevent skin dark dumb, make skin regain delicate, bright and moving. Biological sunscreen SPF35 comprehensive resist UVA, UVB, reduce uv damage to the skin, prevent skin suntan sunburn, avoid light aging of the skin, brighten the skin tone. Water embellish repair isolation milk USES is cetyl PEG/PPG, red myrrh alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, iodine propiolic alcohol ammonia butyl formate advanced ingredients. Isolation protective skin, adjust uneven skin tone, and tender and delicate skin, balance carry bright color of skin, make skin appear, even, hyaluronic acid, the skin more smooth, tender and full of elasticity. Velvet plant full effect isolation facial cream ( OS frost) Using malt oligosaccharide indican, glycyrrhizic acid dipotassium, red myrrh alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, rich in plants, containing hyaluronic acid, moisturizing, prevent loss of moisture and nutrients, prevent bask in, isolating uv, protective skin, prevent the outside invasion of harmful substances, daub after form breathable membrane, waterproof performance is good, can play a good protection for delicate skin effect, the effect lasting, texture soft, does not stimulate the skin, the skin, make skin reproduce luster stereo feeling, oil-free formula, refreshing and connect fully, even in the summer sunshine, also can let your wholesale relaxed and comfortable.
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