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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-05
Cosmetics OEM, you need to know the filing process of the processed products. In the daily process of processing cosmetics for customers, you are often asked what the filing process of cosmetics is, especially for the newly-entered cosmetic entrepreneurs, it is more helpful for investors to understand the overall process of cosmetics. Today, cosmetics OEM manufacturers will explain to you the general conventional products (Non-imported, non-special purpose cosmetics)The filing process and information to be prepared. Requirements for filing registration certificate of domestic non-special purpose cosmetics: 1. Non-special-purpose cosmetics produced by enterprises that have obtained the 'health license' in the province according to law shall apply for the registration certificate of domestic non-special-purpose cosmetics; 2. The production enterprise is the first responsible person for product quality, safety and its claimed role, and is responsible for the authenticity of the filing materials and samples submitted by it, and bears corresponding legal responsibilities. The Provincial Food and Drug Administration does not conduct technical review on the hygiene and safety of filing products. 'Record certificate' is not used as the recognition of product hygiene quality, and the enterprise shall not use the record certificate number as the propaganda content; 3, change the product formula, product label identification, should be filed according to new products; 4. The same sales package contains multiple products and has product names, and each product is filed separately. If the same product has multiple product specifications and models, the domestic non-special purpose cosmetics registration certificate shall be filed separately; 5. Entrusted processing products shall be filed by the entrusted production enterprise; 6. The same sales package that cannot be split contains multiple products and has only one product name, which can be filed according to one product; 7. The product specifications, models, formulas and production processes applied for filing are the same, but the trademarks or product names marked on the product labels are different, and should be filed separately according to different products. Application Form for filing :(Graphic)The country where the product is located is filed in the Library :(Graphic) To apply for the filing of domestic non-special purpose cosmetics, the following materials should be submitted: 1. Application Form for the filing of domestic non-special purpose cosmetics; 2, product name naming basis; 3, product formula (Excluding content, except restricted substances); 4. Brief introduction and brief drawing of product production process; 5, product production equipment list; 6, product quality and safety control requirements; 7. Design and packaging of non-special cosmetics filing products (Including product labels and product specifications); 8, the provincial food and drug supervision and administration department designated inspection agencies (Hereinafter referred to as the inspection agency)Inspection Report and relevant materials issued; 9. Relevant safety assessment data of substances that may have safety risks in the product; 10. A copy of the hygiene license of the production enterprise; 11. Copy of health permit of other trustee (If there is commissioned production); 12. Copy of entrusted production agreement (If there is commissioned production); 13. Other materials that may be helpful for filing. The above is only the filing process of conventional products. The process of imported products and special cosmetics is different. We will talk about it later.
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