Cosmetics OEM: why do you say cosmetics products is an essential part of human life?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
According to the consumer price index line to five cities in China urban family groups related data show that in the second quarter of last year, fifty-two weeks cosmetics class remains first FMCG long overall rise, overall growth slowed to three percent in fast moving consumer goods industry of China, under the environmental impact of still kept the growth rate of thirteen percent, the average unit price continues to rise, consumers buy cosmetics to give money for high-end brands to more consumers. In the face of the cosmetics market, the international cosmetics giant action, local brands also wants to get in. How to improve product quality, brand image, to meet the demand of the consumers' upgrade will be the key in the battle for market. The year before China's cosmetics market sales of more than one hundred one hundred million yuan, year-on-year growth of sixteen percent, China's cosmetics market level among the billions. The latest data, according to research firm Technavio, facial makeup every category growth obviously, global cosmetics market is expected in the next four years will be to compound average annual rate of five percent growth. Otherwise a category, according to a report in 2015, ten Chinese cities in the family, only four. Five families buy cosmetics manufacturer products, in the cosmetics market, the consumer base and consumption upgrade are the two main factors to promote the growth of cosmetics market, the growth of China's cosmetics market is still great potential. market potential of the evident this year. market as a whole to maintain a 13% growth rate, in the past year, about thirty percent of the family to use cosmetics, this number and keep balance basically nearly a year, but increased by 2 from two years ago. 7%. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM think although class taste a fresh delicacy users increase the pace is not fast enough, but the trend of consumption upgrade is very obvious in cosmetic, consumers more and more investment on cosmetics, quality requirements also more and more high, consumption upgrading is faster and faster. Two years, make-up products unit price rose an average of 10 yuan/piece, and product prices keep on rising, live in the age of the level of appearance, cosmetics become consumers necessary articles for daily use. Human demand for beauty more and more, more and more high.
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