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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM: which producing brand good? < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM processing 12 - 14 17:56:24 < / p> producing is also called EGF ( The epidermal growth factor) Update, can stimulate the skin, restrain skin aging. Dr Cohen, the American scientists found that the presence of large amounts of EGF in infant skin factor, the skin tender and smooth, puts forward the composition of EGF factor, thus winning the Nobel Prize; And EGF factor because of the remarkable effect known as beautiful factor. Producing cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing, told me, due to scarce raw materials, and complex extraction process, the 1 g can sell millions of us dollars, with the development of science and technology, producing can be mass production, the price is falling slowly, but 1 g of producing more than 20 yuan. ShuRun repair producing yes huangpai products, it is said that there have been dozens of processing the product brand. ShuRun repair producing after long-term research of technology r&d center and skin test for many times, select oligopeptide - 1, oligopeptide 3, promote the repair and regeneration of the damaged skin, repair aging skin, make skin smooth compact; Poly glutamic acid on the activity of the fiber bud cell and so on has a very good promote, activating effect, effectively fade wrinkles, and can be used to fight decline anti-wrinkle cosmetics manufacturer. ShuRun repair producing accurate ratio of multiple antioxidants, and adding suitable amount of mannose alcohol and trehalose, from the inside out, strengthen skin defense functions, not only can the omni-directional nourish slow and maintain the skin elasticity, also can prevent cell aging, stimulate the dermis, thus to achieve the effect of moisture, delay ageing. Throughout the years of skin care products have an essence, producing, micro needle sponge, they all have one thing in common, is light medical beauty products. Wenzhou cosmetics OEM processing analysis, light can improve the skin question fast, medical beauty products in line with the skin of the current consumer demand.
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