Cosmetics OEM: what cosmetic ingredients can't mix?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
You buy protect skin to taste will care about the specific brand and ingredients? If not, then you must know a lot of different brands can't mix, for incompatible elements, because of different, different PH range of skincare products, combination may cause skin irritation or aggravating skin problems. XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM for your detailed answer. To avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions, in the morning and use a product containing the active ingredient. Mixture of most of the time to protect skin to taste can be oh, as long as pay attention to don't overuse one, don't will repel each other, the superposition of two products to use, in that case there would be no problem. Ok, then we have specifically, mixed certain kinds of effective components, may be the result of the sensitive skin acne, redness or local inflammation, which is why do you think is the brand, how to use face is bad, in meng to force all, ha ha. There is also a tragedy: few products may, because of the accumulation completely lose efficacy, or a completely will be offset the effect of another. For example, peptide and vitamin C, this note the oh. Peptides are widely applied and anti-aging products, such as some of the cream and the essence, later don't think that manufacturers have developed what mysterious essence material, is the composition of the oh. It will react on some vitamin C, which you know is another main component of anti-aging products. Hydroxy acid and vitamin A also cannot mix at the same time, because of vitamin A can improve the skin's sensitivity, the sun I le A go, this very pit dad ever, so should be used only at night. So before you buy, read the labels carefully. I know dear friends sometimes for blain blain, the individual will in outbreak situation, but when you want to use different of acne acne removing products will face the gang, they will likely fight oh. High concentration or high strength acne removing components such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and retinol to use at the same time, you may face before worse than useless. Dry skin redness and swelling, and acne will be more serious than before! ! ! ! Why is that? Most of the products containing retinol labels will indicate the shall not contain salicylic acid products such as mixed use. Of course the two ingredients is very dry, so if you want to use then in the morning and use a rotation.
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