Cosmetics OEM: two common misconceptions about cosmetics use

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Love beautiful girls will buy a lot of cosmetics, according to the personal consumption ability is different, the number of purchase and the brand is different, some still can buy a lot of makeup tools, is everything, but in the process of the most beautiful women in the use of cosmetics is often lost in these two common misconceptions about: a: imported cosmetics some superstitions imported cosmetics manufacturer, cosmetics that western countries for the good quality. You know, pre-ipo cosmetics, need the animal test and human body's skin test, confirm its safe and reliable to production and sales. Western cosmetics is a test in white body, suitable for white skin. While the easterners and westerners skin is different, in contrast, Oriental skin for some cosmetics allergy easily, so have to indiscriminate use imported cosmetics. So when the choose and buy should choose those formal, in the domestic cosmetics manufacturer OEM products. 2: makeup tools for a long time with no change after using a powder puff, sponge, etc, will be infected with sebum and sweat and bacteria. Therefore, cosmetic tools should be updated frequently. Dual-purpose powder and water of powdery cake, if a sponge mop, soaked in water with finish should be clean, completely after dry in the shade, in case of long mildew spot. Sponge a little discoloration or harden, should change new. In addition, the cosmetic weasel hair brush and toothpick, eyebrow pencil, etc. , should be cleaned in time after using, and pay attention to regularly change in time.
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