Cosmetics OEM to tell you: different type of skin how to pick the mask?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Different type of skin how to pick the mask? Mask is women's best friend, a variety of nursing cannot leave it, face film is a kind of more apply more addictive thing, open the floodgates. But there is a mystery you know one thousand? Why do some people after apply the mask skin very good, but I was no good effect? Because of the different type of skin to choose the different mask, here to give you a simple introduce! Dry skin can use lotion before apply face film, or backing with hydrating essence itself is lack of water, dry skin sister also appear dry condition and cells, and the skin to lock the water capacity are also more bad drops to dry skin before apply face film with toner or hydrating essence, can make whole hydrating effect better da ~ sensitive skin mud mask the biggest performance is more suitable for sensitive skin cutin barrier fragile, sebum membrane is not sound, not easily, also not be able to 'boring'. Than makeup of the mask, mud mask some of the more suitable for sensitive skin, but mud mask will choose gentleness type, or for the skin stimulation is also larger drops. Mud mask contains more fat, and permeability is better, hydrating mask the outermost layer of skin effect more clear oily skin use refrigeration sister a summer is the rhythm of the oil, the sebaceous glands secretion of oils and fats become more robust, and easy to bring because the grease and the phenomenon of dull. So the outermost layer of skin in addition to using and repairing of mask ( Such as apply the oil water) The mask after use refrigerated also can have the effect of certain containment and convergence pores. Skin mask try not to apply too long blain blain blain blain face film in addition to use help acne removing the effect of the mask, when selecting a sleep mask or other facial mask, try not to apply for too long, especially sleep mask, first used three times to see whether their skin products to bring to bear grease, if not, as far as possible each use when ordinary mud mask use, apply a thick layer, is expected to fifteen minutes to wash twenty minutes. If you apply for the night may result due to excessive intake of fat and blain is increasing. Before aging skin anti-aging essence can be used in the mask for skin aging, in choosing a facial mask, can besmear first fight decline and anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle essence, oh. Hydrating mask alone is difficult to meet the needs of the aging skin, when use face film can apply a layer of anti failure essence can fight decline mask effect is better than simple
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