Cosmetics OEM: the three recent fire cosmetics how to identify true and false

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
High quality cosmetics manufacturer should be how to identify? Our XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM small make up to tell you: the first: put a little cream in ordinary spoon, take fire, until completely burn out, if there is a black residue, that's all kinds of additives, the more prove the more additives. Conforming cream would like milk boiling formation of the state, taste won't change, and more intense. If have splash, burning smoke, taste become Moscow, after burning ladle bottom residual oil, mineral oil paint or boride filling. Moisturizing products, many of them are made from mineral oil, you apply them to paper, wipe off excess in a minute, if wet paper will be wrinkled, you'll find that if is mineral oil system that is transparent! You can also take products to squeeze into the iron spoon, and then use fire to heating below, if contain mineral oil, the oil will come out! Cream jars, if is good filling technology, texture meticulous finished, its surface will appear even smooth shape, there will be no big holes. The second: essence for liquid essence, it is important to note when buying observe the essence of the color and shape, if found to have the phenomenon such as turbidity and precipitate or discoloration, such essence can no longer be used. Oily, acne prone to infectious skin of consumers in the purchase and use caution when using essence, even if buy will choose to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect of essence. The third: take a suitable amount of foundation in the water, and then observe the reaction. Generally there are three things will happen: stick at the edge of the cup, floating on the surface of the water, sink in the bottom of the cup. This illustrates the three conditions that its composition. Good product is non-stick cup edge, don't float, not heavy bottom. Stick on the edge of a cup is fat; It is also our XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing of small make up remind everyone that float on the surface of the mineral oil; Sink in the bottom of the cup is heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc.
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