Cosmetics OEM: the snail secretion of cosmetics raw material benefit of?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
The snail is a we common mollusks, europeans as a delicacy. But Japan and South Korea is the snail secretion as cosmetics raw material, and then added to cosmetics. XJ understands Beauty cosmetics factory, from the snail fluids in essence ingredient, has magical curative effect to the skin, repair, whitening, anti-allergic effect, also has good effect for skin regeneration. Known as 'soft gold' of the skin. According to the records. Ancient Greek times, is useful snail fluids to record for the treatment of skin scar. Record the long-term use of snail fluids, make the skin surface smooth effect. Early in 1986, the world health organization also proved that the snail fluids on the scar repair and regeneration of skin effect. Due to the snail secretion skin care has good curative effect, many products are added the snail secretion, lead to the breeding of snails. According to XJ Beauty cosmetics factory to collect the information learned that Italy's farming has reached forty thousand tons, became two hundred million industry. With snail in skincare products accounted for most. The snail mucus kind of skin care products in the past ten months increased by fourteen percent. In Japan, the snail is used to directly apply face. South Korea is the earliest use snail mucus extract to make cosmetics manufacturer. The skin care brand of South Korea, as the first to do the snail element skincare brand. There is a total of 45. And sales reached more than ninety percent of the brand. The orange and timothy d. also launched the snail class cosmetics. Now learned, homebred brand card posture and porcelain muscle and the yi bei poem also do snail categories such as cosmetics, predict the snail series of products will be popular for a long time.
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