Cosmetics OEM: the five step of skin care the complete in the early morning

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Step one: morning a cup of honey water in the morning drink a glass of water is a lot of people know the secret cosmetic skin care, water will not only clear the body of waste, discharge toxins can supplement the right amount of moisture skin, let skin restore elasticity. But what exactly and water have greatly exquisite. Some people say that drink weak brine, sterilization and bright eyes. But in fact is not suitable for reference in the morning, pale salt water can cause some damage to the kidney. The most suitable water is honey water, both can help intestines and can provide nutrition, also beneficial to the skin. Step 2: tender skin cleansing in the morning wake up in the body but maybe haven't wake up skin, at this time, you will need to use cleansing to awaken it. Wash a face the choice of product need according to their own skin condition. If belong to special dry, rough skin and sensitive person, sometimes also can become the burden of skin wash products. Adjusted according to your own skin cleansing method is the ideal form of 'beauty' early in the morning. In addition, in order to make the 'protective' give full play to the role of skin, skin cleaning in the morning the most avoid is 'fire'. If the skin is very fragile mm not even use cleanser, massage with some clear water knead. Step three: balanced do facial mask in the morning we'll brush my teeth, brush your teeth and the time is right in 3 minutes, so this space we can do something? In fact, we can take a mask when they brush. By this time had better choose gel mask, convenient also does not affect the wash gargle, fill-in do face film not only can let the skin become more full water embellish, more important is to let it quickly cheer up with your spirit. Step four: though carry bright color of skin by essence has been place in front of the series of skin care, but tired skin we are unlikely to achieve the perfect state. Beauty experts said, skin absorption of the best in the morning, so expensive skin care products we should move to use in the morning, such as the essence. Daub elite element, it is best don't waste a drop of, make them give full play to the function. Best method is, in after daub elite element, covering the face gently with the palm, ordinal cover the position such as forehead, cheeks, chin, palm's temperature can make skin more fully absorb the essence, as long as spend a few seconds, can achieve very good effect. Step 5: lymphatic massage beauty king big s once in the book introduced the technique of lymphatic massage skin in the morning. In general, how many will be a little early in the morning when we face edema, its main cause is the circulation, facial tissue metabolism of water, so it is not enough to massage swollen cheeks, still need to be supplemented by lymphatic massage, massage can be combined with cream daub, can accelerate metabolism, skin care and healthy. Massage: on the edge of the cheeks clenched fists, with your index finger and middle finger between resist jaw edges, slowly from the middle to the sideburns. Parotid massage: from eye end until the ear, with your index finger gently press the sunken place behind the earlobe - Parotid, help skin to eliminate waste products. Neck massage: from the neck down, through the lymphatic discharge the waste and water retention in the body
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