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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
The correct way of using the cosmetics manufacturer OEM: toner < p> 2019 - cosmetics OEM processing 02 - 26 14:02:37 < / p> in today's society, many women will use to protect skin to taste to regulate their own skin. Toner is a hydrating, regulate cutin, restore skin ph of a skin on the surface of the product. While toning effect is good, but a lot of people in the use of toner but in the wrong way, it will make the effect of toner, cosmetics OEM today for everyone on the correct way of using the toner, together and see it! OEM: toner using method 1. OEM, correctly grasp the direction of cotton piece using cotton piece, should first determine the direction of palm ShangMian slice, fiber orientation on the cotton piece should keep vertical with fingers. In this way can we ensure the bright skin water can completely covered in cotton. 2. Toner cosmetics manufacturer OEM: fully infiltrates moisturizing toner cotton piece fully infiltrates cotton piece, about every time about 3 ml, fully infiltrates the extent of the cotton piece but not dripping. To make the cotton so saturated with the toner. 3. OEM: with all fingers on the facial skin to remove toner soaked cotton piece, stick to hydrate the face, press with finger facial skin, and remember not to pat. Cover all cotton piece, on the surface of the skin with finger gently press. 4. OEM: gently wipe the skin by gently wipe the whole face bright skin water to penetrate the skin. After wiping, can pat ways to accelerate penetration. For skin care, all the year round the most main is hydrating and moisturizing toner is absolutely necessary a magic weapon of skin care, skin drink enough water to healthier skin elastic, can make us more beautiful. And the correct use of toner to make its efficacy. OEM toner about above methods you have learned to use? Hurriedly in the skin of a lot of water for yourself!
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