Cosmetics OEM: the choice of sunscreen in summer

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
The weather is getting hot, the ultraviolet ray, our skin becomes fragile in the presence of ultraviolet light, if do not pay attention to prevent bask in will get sunburned tan, so should pay attention to prevent bask in the summer, what is the effective method of summer suntan? Below XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM small make up to support a move you, ten is prevented bask in small tips let you afraid of the sun, sun not afraid, take a look at. 1, SPF value is not the higher the better, the higher SPF, the use of sunscreen is, the more the greater the pressure on the skin, so should choose appropriate SPF sunscreen cosmetics. 2, sunscreen makeup after hours insolate place daub, that comes out of dilution of sweat, the prevent bask in the effect will be weakened, so should be timely wash and daub again, in order to protect the continuation of prevent bask in effect. 3, should according to the degree and the use of different skin is sensitive to uv light environment, seasonal factors, such as choosing appropriate sunscreen cosmetics. Generally speaking, the color of skin more fair and more prone to sunburn, but it is not easy tanning; The deeper the color of skin is tanned more easily, but it is not easy to sunburn. 4, usually, sunscreen of SPF 15 and PA + can satisfy the requirement of the normal skin bask in, photosensitive SPF 12 - optional 20 of sunscreen cosmetics. If the field operation. Situations such as regrets Bin swimming, snow mountain, appropriate chooses SPF value is greater than 20 and strong waterproof sunscreen makeup. 5, sunscreen cosmetics manufacturer can only reduce uv damage to skin routine skin, so every day in the summer morning l0:00 PM to afternoon sun ultraviolet radiation intensity, the largest should avoid or reduce go out. When forced to go out, in addition to the thickness of the skin, daub appropriate sunscreen cosmetics, but also with umbrellas, caps a tool such as auxiliary sunscreen. 6, oily skin should use sunscreen cosmetics W/O type, can be used prevent bask in pink.
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