Cosmetics OEM teach you tell you if there is a hormone to protect skin to taste

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
Hormones in 'cosmetics health standard' in our country, is it is forbidden to be added into the harmful ingredients in cosmetics manufacturer. But the effect of hormone significantly, often illegal businessmen added to cosmetics manufacturer. Most often the hormone is dexamethasone was detected and chlorine times he SuoBing acid ester. Generally in medicine, the doctor will suggest your local use, and no more than two weeks, use for a long time will produce in accordance with the lazy, appear repeatedly red, dry, peeling, red blood silk, acne, and so on and so forth, namely we often say hormone-dependent skin. This is due to the improper long-term repeated rubbing dermatitis caused by hormones. Hormones used in cosmetics, the effect is immediate, for whitening, acne removing pale spot, to red blood silk products, if the effect is particularly evident, but be careful, oh. Because of glucocorticoid can prevent protein synthesis, interfere with the normal function, the integrity of the skin barrier and long-term use, skin easily become very sensitive. A stop will be dry, peeling, capillary exposure, some people have pigmentation, fungal infection rates rise, resulting in secondary skin inflammatory disease; Some sample produce androgens, use of parts. Once stopped with hormone products, for safe and reliable products, can appear blush, symptoms such as fever, tickling, this is called hormone allergy, consumers think that is a new product is not good, changed back to the original product with hormone, instantly relieve symptoms; So repeatedly, has been on the road 'hormones' deeper. So how to avoid hormones hurt! Eyebrow in the United States have to pay attention to, if a product is in use. 2 - Three days later, found that red rash, acne, face in the red blood silk, rosacea, hairy, melanin disappeared, this time you should pay attention to! Very likely you use cosmetics manufacturer is contain hormone, please immediately stop using.
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