Cosmetics OEM status quo

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
The status quo of Chinese hairdressing cosmetic industry OEM: in the 80 s guangzhou beauty industry began to take off. In light of the policy of reform and opening. Hong Kong and Macao and overseas investors poured into south guangdong earth. At that time the popular agitation. The most striking is greatly small hair salons all over the streets. What flat, points, waves, and so on in the so-called Hong Kong style, cantonese style led to the islets unrest heart color rendering and actuating the city and the progress of the development of The Times. The beauty industry to the development of the real. Guangzhou station in the forefront of popular agitation and deeply influenced the development of economy and culture in the mainland. Guangzhou is a hairdressing cosmetic enterprises, brand, the most populous city. According to the Chinese spices flavor cosmetics manufacturer industry association released 2 oo2 years industry data showed that the domestic cosmetics manufacturer production enterprises ( Registered) Has reached more than 3000, more than 30000 varieties. The total market in Asia. But according to the survey found that guangzhou hairdressing cosmetic industry in guangzhou and guangdong market cosmetics manufacturer enterprises with production capacity has reached 3000 - Guangzhou, more than 4000 single, have hairdressing cosmetic companies close to 3000. In these hairdressing cosmetic companies, there are quite a number of small and medium-sized private enterprises, although does not have its own brand, but for the large number of foreign or domestic brand OEM production.
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