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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
OEM jia industry briefly oily skin solution < p> cosmetics manufacturer - 2018 09 - 03 17:57:41 < / p> what is oily skin? OEM to tell you that nothing after washing a face, face have no tight feeling after 15 minutes, 1 hour with oil absorption can absorb oil to the surface, this is the typical characteristic of oily skin. 1: give up more alkaline foam cleansing cream, use cleanser to deal with oil, oily skin tend to love summer wash a face with soap or washing a face of clean power decontamination washing a face cream. But too much foam cleansing liquid will take away the face of moisture and sebum, so it's best to choose without bubble washing a face, nature is a mild cleanser. The best water temperature at 20 ℃ or so, overheating can make skin moisture loss, too cold and not clean. 2: use moisturizing toner instead of water containing alcohol contraction can definitely control oil secretion and contractive pore water, but use may make the skin more dry in winter. If the oil secretion, can use the cool and refreshing feeling toner, or replace can also with freezing of distilled water. 3: late frost when winter day cream in summer in summer the skin care products may not really need to throw away completely, such as the summer with the late frost usually than day cream moisten, now you can turn for winter day cream! 4: supplement skin moisture, do not use oily creams many people think that oily skin is not better, but if they don't apply a layer of protective film on the face, rough skin pores are more likely to be stained with dust, also can make the skin lacks water easily in winter, so oily skin should choose the other form of lotion or gel, hydrated is enough, only frost shape to protect skin to taste many oil quality, if feel after besmear face & other; Sticky MCE & throughout; , don't continue to use. 5: deep cleansing masque and moisture mask with alternating film of deep-seated and clean face, such as hand type or mineral mud mask, have decontamination and containment action, but can't accuse oil in winter, so it's best to apply a apply pure water mask hydrated the next day. 6: go out necessary paper of oil absorption face and moisturizing lotion summer went out with a paper of oil absorption face is oily skin daily routine, but must also take into winter lotion contains moisturizing ingredients into the streets, remember to hydrated every time after the oil! 7: choose water prevent bask in liquid is to prevent bask in summer, winter also want to! But oily skin should choose water quality, less oily sun screen. After besmear bask in liquid, it is better to light printing paper of oil absorption face face, in order to reduce the oil quality. The above content for cosmetics OEM, if you have the demand of the products, may wish to contact us immediately!
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