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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM: skin care products do you need often change < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM processing 07 - 25 10:08:26 < / p> cosmetics manufacturer OEM small make up recommend once you find suitable for their own brand of skin, the best skin along with the age, season, such as the environment changes and then a corresponding increase or replacement. Many women change constantly protect skin to taste, not only did not improve skin, and the problem is becoming more and more skin absorb nutrients need to adapt to the process, often transform brands, a variety of skincare ingredients is different, it is difficult to adapt to skin. To choose to suit oneself skin cosmetics, not blindly follow suit, is not expensive skin care products must be good, the key is to fit his own skin, 1. Although gradual change to protect skin to taste not like drug dependence, but all of a sudden change can cause skin can't timely adjust to come over. Take cleanser, for instance, once in the morning and evening facial cleaning, let skin get accustomed to the XXX brand clean force, will naturally in virtually gradually formed on the capacity of the things, if suddenly be XX instead, is likely to lead to the imbalance of the oil and water, still perhaps can appear with sensitive symptoms. Here refers to the gradual in the current cleanser has not yet finished, with new product cross use, you can switch to different brands in the morning and evening, it will be more comfortable ~ 2. In accordance with the seasonal change of replacement skin actually is not simple, of the learning knowledge inside still have to learn. Why food law, routine care, skin care products used properly or drew a full face of sensitive? One potential factor is related to season, so the problems in product should also be considered when season. 1 - In may for whitening, should pay attention to prevent bask in June, July and August to keep the face clean and water oil balance, by going to the nearby start in September on wet. This 8, the excessive in September will have to pay attention to the selection of toner, avoid too thick, so as not to bring pressure to the skin. The amount of toner to enough, pay attention to let every pore can drink the water. 3. In accordance with the state change body state is good or bad will also affect the use effect of skin care products. Resistance is poor, poor mental state and menstrual period will be implicated, the effect of skin care, itself in the trough body, this time you come to a sudden change in the product brand, if it is in the key period and change the long-term adherence to the use of mask, since it is likely to bring a full face of blain blain, sensitive skin began to regress, cause serious consequences to big pores and blackheads you cry all too late! OEM processing advice, or just honestly insist on a mask, used or stop to use for a period of time, during this period must consider the feelings of the skin!
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