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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
OEM reveal | cosmetics' without adding 'truth here, without adding cosmetics OEM manufacturers call refers to no added preservatives. So first talk about preservative: preservatives are added to the product, used to prevent microbial growth chemicals. In nature there are some material has natural antiseptic activity, we call this natural preservative. Whether natural or synthetic preservatives, is able to inhibit microbial activity compounds or kill microorganisms. Material can kill microbes can produce toxicity to mammalian cells, whether the use of these substances will produce any side effects depend on their concentration, contact time and location, and has nothing to do with them is a natural or synthetic material. Consumers are focus on the safety of cosmetic preservatives is higher and higher. In cosmetics in addition to some cosmetic products, such as lipstick, because do not contain moisture without preservatives, the vast majority of cosmetics, because it contains a lot of moisture and water activity and pH range suitable for microbial production. Therefore, you must add preservatives to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Change, of course, the conditions of the product to go against the growth of microorganisms is also a way to, such as pH value control under 3, 12 above, microorganisms are not easy to survive. But such extreme pH value of the product for human body skin damage was palpable. Another way is by lowering the water activity, such as by adding such as polyols, sucrose and other material can effectively reduce the risk of microorganisms, but again, if only depend on lower water activity of the method of the proceeds of the product is not suitable for people to use. So why have declared without adding cosmetics? We do not rule out some cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer in cheating consumers. But in some countries and regions also have this kind of strong rules without adding the claim. How is it by laws and regulations? ' health standard', published in our country, there are rules for the use of preservatives concentration, and our laws and regulations is adapted according to the eu cosmetics directive. In the eu cosmetics directive annex VI in the list of cosmetics can contain preservatives lists allows the use of preservatives, also shows the list of ingredients is a preservative. In the list mentioned in the preface: 1. Preservatives can join cosmetics, mainly plays a role of inhibiting microbial substances. 2. formula used in other substances may also have antibacterial effect, thus help to product quality, such as a variety of essential oil and some alcohol, which did not include in the attachment. At present some not included in annex IV, but some material is used in the cosmetics and the natural substance alleged to have antiseptic activity, is one of the selling point of them can be used for products that claim preservative-free. As a result, some cosmetics maker, added the activity of these have anticorrosive material, but that does not contain preservatives. And put these material in essence or other additives or plant extracts. This is technically possible, but more importantly, which is completely in on laws and regulations can be! Therefore, the so-called no add, not fooling, drilling method is a loophole in the law of the camp pin tactics.
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