Cosmetics OEM: pure natural, no add cosmetics really good?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
Effect is very good cosmetics manufacturer might contain banned substances, guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory under the belt you know: such as some of the 'pure natural cosmetics containing angelica dahurica, can whitening and anti-wrinkle, but can cause skin allergy, want to see part when the choose and buy must not superstitious natural without adding' pure natural, no add 'businessman' the banner, is now a lot of cosmetics products did not use chemical composition, harmless, really? It's not all plants are safe. Some traditional Chinese medicines, such as plant is prohibited in cosmetics use. , for instance, angelica dahurica contain strong light source of sensitization, edible or outside light is easy to cause allergic, ban cosmetics containing the component at the national institutes of health. But because of angelica dahurica whitening, anti-wrinkle effect is good, quick effect, and a lot of the beauty industry are used in quietly. Suggest love beautiful lady in the beauty parlor skin care, pay attention to the view to protect skin to taste, if contain 'bai zhi', do not use. Ban on hair dye contains henna (at the national institutes of health Also called sea na flower) Composition, harmful to human body, but there are a lot of online discount grenache natural hair dye products sales. Buy cosmetics must see clear its production license and composition, some of the 'pure natural banner cosmetics online letter. National chemical products must be made clear all the ingredients, if only write several natural ingredients or natural extract the fuzzy approach is illegal. Any cream, milk or liquid cosmetics, its essence is chemicals, nothing more than to mix oil and water, cosmetics have life, and these are accomplished by preservatives, so don't superstitious 'pure natural, no add', instead of buying the 3 without the product of informal manufacturers. Fake essential oil is made of pure essence many women now use essential oils, from the professional, essential oil was extracted from various plants by distillation of volatile oil. Oil output is not big, take the rose essential oil, a ton of roses can only produce about 200 grams of rose essential oil, one kilogram of rose essential oil in the market price is as high as 120000. Now on the market to meet the essential oil is aromatic essential oil, is to use essential oils plus some extracted from traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and jojoba oil, olive oil, mineral oil and base oil even harmonic. Online several dozens yuan can buy essential oils, is true or not? Price is too cheap oil is likely to be in essence and base oil blending, and the false oil is not the corresponding function. He suggested that people don't choose and buy on the net, be sure to purchase the products of the company. Restaurants can not directly use the essence citizens don't have to talk about flavors, but should pay attention to consumption. Spices into the flavor and fragrance, perfume is the substance of fragrance, are extracted from natural and synthetic. The essence of substance is made up by a variety of ingredients. At the same time, the essence is also divided into food flavor and cosmetic essence, now the use of food flavor is more and more widely, but can only be used in food processing industry, not as a condiment use directly in the restaurant. Countries have strict rules on edible flavor usage is, excessive use can make human body excessive levels of some elements affect the body health. Food flavor is contained in many kinds of drinks, drinking should be moderate.
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