Cosmetics OEM production delivery is how long? How long does it take to supply after submit orders?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
The problem that many initially inquired cosmetics manufacturer OEM customers are want to know. OEM manufacturing delivery first, for manufacturing a finished goods delivery, including the production of packaging materials delivery and its emulsion production of raw materials and finished goods package delivery. Packing material that is apart from commodity packaging products of raw materials, such as glass bottle manufacturing on the other hand cream goods, boxes, etc. , is membrane cloth mask paste products, hydrating mask bag with small box, etc. ; And different kinds of packing material, packing material or different materials have different production delivery, usually independent packaging materials production - delivery within 12 days For 30 days. Another packaging materials have adopted by the spot transaction is related with spot trading of relativity to reduce packaging material delivery to simply add logo printing ink and related processing technology can, without spot transactions must submit orders production independently. For packaging materials are usually borne by cosmetics manufacturer factory cooperation of packaging materials manufacturers production and manufacturing, packaging materials production delivery by packaging materials cosmetics manufacturer distributor regulation, cosmetics factory key for packing materials to the manufacturing stage, thus basic manufacturing cosmetics factory here to 7 - after delivery is packing materials 15 days of delivery.
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