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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
In today's highly developed industrial, enterprise in order to increase its resources in the configuration of the innovation ability, will be as much as possible to reduce the investment in fixed assets. Many enterprises in the mastery of the core technologies and products after the establishment of a mature marketing network, will start for production directly, but in a way that is by making the other enterprises to produce complete the production task. In this way, only need to pay the material cost and process cost, without having to bear the equipment depreciation and self-built factory and production management risk, also may at any time according to the market changes, flexible according to the need to place an order. Through the OEM cooperation, so can use large enterprise brand effect, the marketing network for small and medium enterprises to increase production, expand sales and improve the level of manufacturing management, and also to win greater economic benefits. For cosmetics companies want to have independent brand, choosing a good cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer is undoubtedly one of the key to the success of its own brand operation, what cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer is the most ideal professional cosmetics OEM processors? Guangzhou XJ now get answers biological technology development co. , LTD. Is for you and show a new cosmetics OEM service concept, to provide you with a comprehensive, three-dimensional processing, marketing, education and training services, allows you to achieve more from a higher starting point of the cosmetics manufacturer business, let you really feel guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD is your reliable OEM partners. Product testing security: XJ Beauty companies provide 'domestic special cosmetics filing service' all regular service to check the inspection items and cosmetics, we also set up a professional cosmetics testing laboratory, with the most advanced testing equipment, reagents, and international standard test method for the product to make high level standard guidance and supervise the quality. Comprehensive enterprise products in the hands of consumers of the safe use, ensure that consumers at ease, rest assured use. Strength of the talent development: we focus on the digital engaged in more than ten years research skin medicine, nutrition, biology experts, Dr. , beauty professional research talents and biological engineers, building strong technical force, before has strong development capabilities, has a wide product category, product characteristics, existing products include facial care products, body care products, pure natural plant effective care products, etc. , and can design according to customer's need independent formula products, customer products sales channels including cosmetic line, professional lines, monopoly chain, etc. Products to create the future we always put the pure natural products, functional, safe and effective in the first place, all raw materials used as natural biological materials, product quality by the resource, set advanced biological engineering technology at home and abroad, from the extraction, purification, refining, a series of crafts are using pure natural plant extract biological processes, based on the absorption characteristics of the skin cells to keep the plant nutrient and efficacy components. To develop a series of high safety, permeability stronger, better absorbent, effect is more obvious features of the product. Partner: with the rapid development of the factory, the company to the outside world vision, and the Canadian institute of japheth signed the agreement of technical cooperation, implementation of complementary resources both at home and abroad, greatly improve product research and development ability and the competitiveness of the enterprise, ensure from XJ Beauty of every single product in the field of cosmetics can achieve high technical content, for the overwhelming majority of consumers to provide a quality guarantee, and can provide various type of skin people all over the world with the most suitable product formula, the product sells in distant markets Europe and America, southeast Asia, the Middle East.
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